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HD PIR Camera / DVR System

Product Code PIRC

Made by Spy Equipment UK – This may look like an normal PIR, but in fact it cleverly incorporates a high definition covert camera along with with flash memory DVR system that is completely hidden within making it the perfect room surveillance camera system.

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To find the ideal room surveillance system requires a device that can be easily added into the environment without arousing suspicion. Using a PIR to house a spy camera is ideal and now we have been able to incorporate a high definition system into a compact and discrete looking alarm PIR sensor.

Naturally Discreet Spy Camera System

When any person walks into a room whether it is in an office of home environment, it is rare that they will feel compelled to look up above their standard eye level unless there is something that is exceptionally distracting. Alarm PIR sensors have been around for decades in various shapes and sizes, although almost all of them are white or creme in colour. Having one of these sensors in the top corner of a room will not attack attention and as such will therefore be an excellent choice to use as an enclosure for a covert camera system

Motion Detection / Loop / Scheduled Recording Options

This hidden camera device produces high quality, 720p HD video with audio and time/date stamping on the recorded footage. The camera itself looks out of a small hole at the bottom of the front fact of the PIR. There is also a red LED in the the front face that randomly flashes thereby giving the impression of a fully functional alarm sensor (the unit cannot be used as an alarm sensor). Although programmed in through-the-lens motion activated mode, the unit can be set into, scheduled and timed recording if required. The DVR system has an overwrite function for continuous recording with memory capacities of 32GB as standard or as a paid upgrade at time of purchase – 64GB or 128GB.

Mains Power with Battery Back-Up

Although some Alarm sensors are wireless and battery powered, the majority still have a power/data wire emerging from the back of the device, disappearing into the wall or ceiling space. This PIR DVR takes power from a mains supply and has a small internal rechargeable battery to keep the unit running for up to 20 hours should mains power supply fail. Running the system from the mains ensures that the full memory capacity can be exploited before the device needs to be connected to a computer to offload the footage.

Automatic Day / Night Mode switching

One common problem experienced by many covert camera systems is the ability to record in very low conditions. The new HD PIR Camera has an auto-switching capability that allows the system to record full colour during normal lighting conditions and then automatically change to monochrome (black and white) footage when the light becomes particularly subdued.

Playback on Both Mac and Windows Computers

Offloading recorded video from the device memory is simple. Either unplug and unclip the device from the wall bracket (supplied with product) then plug into a desktop PC or a Mac or leave the PIR in-situ and connect the unplugged device power/USB cable to a laptop computer and then offload the video onto the connected laptop. We would recommend unclipping from the bracket unless you want to build your biceps.

  • Standard PIR with HD camera and DVR hidden within – features randomly flashing inbuilt red LED completing the authentic look
  • High quality 720p HD pinhole camera system with 62º wide angled lens
  • Manufactured by Spy Equipment UK here in the UK. Extremely well engineered and totally discreet installation
  • Video Resolution: 1280x 720p @ 20 Frames per second – Real time date stamp on video
  • Will record perfectly in daylight, but has auto-switching to night mode for when the lighting gets very low in the area of deployment
  • Incorporated as standard 32GB digital memory capacity providing over 16 hours storage for recorded HD video footage (64GB or 128GB as a paid upgrade)
  • Through-the-lens motion activation system is triggered when there is movement in front of the PIR – gapless split time ( ten minute) recordings – Reduces the incidence of recorded file corruption
  • Overwrite function for continuous operation without need for regular video footage offloads
  • Powered from mains supply, but has internal back up battery to keep unit powered for up to 10 hours if mains power fails
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as Mac OS X – no specialist software required for playback
  • Perfect for deployment at home, in the office, or in a workshop environment

Where is the camera located within the device?

The camera is discretely located in the front face of the unit looking out through a very small centrally located hole looking like a secondary LED aperture.

Does this device record sound?

Yes, there is a microphone within this device. The microphone will be able to clearly record voices within a general 6 metre radius.

Is the video that is recorded clear enough to be able to recognise faces?

Yes, it is very easy to identify people on the footage because imagery is in high definition and reasonably clear footage is also attainable in extremely low low conditions.

Does the device still function as a PIR alarm sensor?

No, the unit cannot be hooked up to an alarm, the movement sensor is used by the camera system instead.

Is this product supplied with an SD card?

The recording memory of the device is built inside. The unit comes with 32GB as standard although an upgrade to 64GB can be selected at time of purchase.

What is the maximum amount of video I can record before I have to change the SD card?

The system has two memory choices and can store full 720p HD video with audio of up to 16 hours (32GB) or 32 hours (64GB) and as the system as standard is set to motion activation, it could take many days to fill the memory up.

If I unplug the device from the mains power will the spy camera system still work?

There is an 1250mAh internal rechargable lithium battery that can power the system for up to 10 hours should the mains power supply fail or become disconnected.

How do I fix this to a wall?

The PIR is supplied with its own standard swivel bracket for easy fixing and positioning.

How will I know if the camera is looking exactly where I want it?

The lens in the unit is a 62º wide angle and although this will never completely cover 100% of a room area, it will cover the majority.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • This product does NOT function as a normal working PIR alarm sensor because the camera and recording system has replaced the standard functionality.
  • You will need access to a computer with speakers attached is required if wishing to playback recordings with the audio.
  • You will need a media player on the computer for playback of video / audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
  • It is essential to have available a mains power outlet in the ceiling space or wall space where the PIR is placed. The wire from the PIR camera has a USB connector on its end so this allows versatality of connection for different power outlets around the world.