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    PC Monitoring

    High quality PC monitoring products. Perfect if you are worried about what your family might be doing online or if...

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    Data Security

    Data fraud and cases of stolen identities are on the increase. Keep your data secure with our data security products...

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    Phones Forensic Recovery

    Even if a phone has been wiped, there are still some secrets that the data recovery products at Spy Equipment...

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    Computer Data Recovery

    Data is rarely ever truly lost after it has been deleted. Our computer data recovery products can find what you're...

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    Infidelity Detection

    Think you have a cheating partner? Infidelity detection kits can be important whether you suspect your partner of cheating or...

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    Forensic data recovery has become an intrinsic part of any investigative process. So much information is stored on mobile phones and computers that the market has been seeking solutions to recovering deleted data from many microchip-based devices, where communication and memory storage play a major part in everyday life.

    Welcome to our computer monitoring and PC surveillance range.

    Computer Security Solutions

    Smartphones are the new ‘byword’ in mobile communication and the last 12 months has seen a huge increase in customer take-up and use of these types of what are effectively powerful pocket computers. As mobile computing has become more widespread, the need to gather intelligence and information from communications made through these devices have become more prevalent. If you are looking for devices that will help you monitor activity and online safety on mobile, please visit our phone monitoring page. If it is devices to help you monitor online activity on desktop you’re after, you are in the right place. Discover our PC monitoring products or read on to find more types of computer monitoring tools.

    Computer Forensics

    Computer Spy Equipment

    In the quest to meet the demand for forensic data recovery, we have gathered together an array of forensic recovery products that will meet evermore demanding customer requirements. As a result, we have allocated a specific category to data recovery products. It all started with iRecovery for Apples iPhone, then came the Porn Detection Stick that is used to pull ANY flesh-coloured images from a PC.

    At the same time, the Chat Recovery Stick was launched, again for the recovery of historic chat sessions from a PC. Soon we will be launching a software recovery tool for Android phones and then there will the forensic recovery software to pull back deleted files from Hard Drives, Smart cards such as SD and MMC cards as well as flash drive based devices.

    Affordable Computer Monitoring Tools

    Forensic recovery of deleted data used to be both expensive and really designed for the specialist, now our computer spy equipment range has brought deleted data recovery into the mainstream. Contact us if you wish to discuss any of the computer monitoring tools found in our range or if you wish to learn more about how such devices work to provide your online safety.