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Voice Logger Computer Software

Product Code PCR3

The voice logger computer monitoring software runs totally unseen on your PC or Laptop, meaning you can turn any Windows computer into a spy listening and recording device, without anyone knowing. What’s more, you’ll also be able to send the audio recordings to an email address of your choice. This PC monitoring software promises super fast installation and a straightforward set up

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This superb voice logger computer software is designed to turn any Windows PC into a recording and listening device by using the microphone of the computer to listen to the surrounding environment.

Quick Installation

Supplied on a compact USB stick, this computer monitoring software is completely portable and only takes a few seconds to install. Not only this, it features intelligence antivirus avoidance, meaning the virtual recording system can be uploaded onto an unlimited number of Windows computers. To install the voice logger software, simply plug the supplied USB stick into an available USB port in your chosen computer and follow the on-screen instructions. You will NOT need to leave the USB stick in the computer after installation.

The software is so advanced that it uses the most up-to-date antivirus avoidance technology to make installation swift, simple and discreet. The software has unlimited licences and free updates for life, to ensure it is functional for years to come.

Our experienced technicians at Spy Equipment UK have fully tested and evaluated this product, which means that you will have the back of our support in the unlikely event that you will need it.

Sound Detection Activation

Once installed and configured, the spy recording device and computer monitoring software can:

  1. Covertly monitor the surrounding room environment,
  2. Secretly record any surrounding sound the computer microphone picks up
  3. Then send the recorded MPS files discreetly and automatically via email.

Recording will only commence when the computer monitoring system detects sound in the surrounding environment. Computer monitoring in the real world can be difficult, because some environments may have a higher ambient noise level than others. With this in mind, the software has been designed with a trigger level setting, where recording begins only when sounds reach a certain level. A test can be run during the setup procedure for this excellent additional feature.

High Quality & Automatic Audio Recording

All audio is recorded in high quality MP3 format (very commonly used) and recorded files have the added bonus of being time and date stamped, making them easy to catalogue and more admissible.

The Voice Logger Computer Software can be installed on laptops or desktops and will even continue its recording operation if the laptop lid were to be closed or the computer enters sleep mode.

Please note, if the computer is switched off, then recording will cease. The recording software will automatically boot up again when the computer is restarted.

Storing Audio Recording Files

Recordings can be automatically stored onto a discreet file within the computer being monitored, or should you wish, the file can be hidden in a place of your choice during the setup process. This feature ensures that recordings can be listened back to on that computer or offloaded onto the the supplied USB stick to be taken away for playback elsewhere, providing an alternative to the email process.

In addition to hiding the recordings folder, it is also possible to encrypt the recorded files, so in the event that they were discovered on the computer, then it would not be possible to listen back to them.

When Might You Use Computer Monitoring Software?

Our Voice Logger Computer Software can work away in the background of most environments without raising suspicion, meaning it can have many uses. Here are some of the most common applications we see amongst our customers:

  • Keeping an eye on your children and their welfare whilst on the internet
  • Monitoring the care of an elderly relative who may be subject to potential abuse by carers
  • Secretly recording important meetings or lectures, to save having to take exhaustive notes
  • Monitoring employee activity in a workplace
  • Catching a cheating partner

The situations that would suit using a voice recording device are endless. If you would like any more information on the Voice Logger Software itself, or any other recording devices in our range, please contact us today.

  • Superb room audio monitoring software supplied on an easy-to-deploy USB stick
  • Easy to carry around and with simple, but lightening fast installation
  • Designed for use on any Windows PC, desktop or laptop – works even with the laptop lid down or computer is in sleep mode
  • Programmed with the latest antivirus bypass facilities for trouble free discreet upload directly from the stick
  • Uses the computer’s own microphone to monitor the surrounding room environment
  • Preset with voice (sound) activation – Record only when there is sound to be recorded (ambient sound level filtering can be set)
  • Record in total discretion – save audio files to the same computer or set to automatically email them to an email address of your choice
  • Recordings have time and date reference – easy to catalogue and ideal for gathering evidence
  • Audio files recorded in MP3 format – no need for any special playback software
  • Recordings stored on installed computer can be encrypted for added security
  • Audio pick up range depends on microphone sensitivity – In tests a radius of 7 metres was easily achieved
  • Set the sound activation threshold and the frequency of saving of recordings through the software menu system
  • No need to leave the supplied USB stick in the computer after installation
  • System works and has been tested with numerous email clients including gmail and Yahoo mail
  • This software is NOT compatible with Mac or Linux operating systems

Does the software work silently and discreetly when in operation?

Absolutely! The audio recording software is designed to work completely invisibly in the background on the computer leaving no signals that this is taking place.

When recording is happening, does the software slow the computer down at all?

No, the software can work away in the background without making huge demands on the normal computer function. There is no slowdown of the normal operation Nobody will ever suspect.

Do the recorded files have a time and date stamp?

Yes, and this is a big plus factor. Each recorded file has time and date which is great for cataloguing and for evidential purposes.

How can the recordings be played back?

The recorded files are MP3 and as such can be played back on a computer that has speakers and a media player installed. Free media players are available and we recommend VLC Media Player.

Can the voice (sound) activation feature be switched off?

Unfortunately the Voice Logger Computer Software is always set to voice activated recording. There is no straight record option available.

Does the device record one big long file with no breaks or does it recorder numerous shorter recording files?

The recordings are separated off dependant upon how much sound is within the vicinity of the installed computer, but when silence falls, the recorded files is ended, stored and a new file is created when sound starts in the environment once again (ambient sound level can be set).

Will the software still work if the computer on which it has been installed is switched off?

No, the software relies on the computer being switched for it to be able to run and use the microphone.

Does the installed computer need to be connected to the Internet for the software to work?

If you need to use the email feature then yes, it does. However, if you only need to secretly record files to the installed computer, then connection to the Internet is unnecessary.

You will need to consider the following to use this product:

  • This software is strictly for installation on computers that have a Windows operating system including desktop and laptops.
  • You will need to have access to an email address or alternatively will need to set one up if you want to use the software to send out recorded audio files by email.
  • The installed computer must have a USB port in order for the software to be installed from the supplied USB stick.
  • You will need access to a computer that has speakers and that has a media player application/programme installed. Most standard Media players are capable of playing back the files, but if you need a free version that will play all files then Spy Equipment UK recommend VLC Media Player (simple to download an install).
  • Although very simple to install, you will need some basic understanding of a windows operating system to enable a swift install of the supplied software.