Computer Monitoring In The Real World

Adrian Mudd   July 15, 2009

In previous posts, we have looked at the very latest products in the PC surveillance market and the benefits they have given to this sector of the marketplace.

Now we have decided to explain how they can be used in the real world, because here at Spy Equipment UK, we don’t just sell spy equipment, we like to provide solutions to a customer’s circumstances. Arguably Spy Equipment UK more than any other Spy Shop, has the most diverse range of solutions on offer.

Computer Monitoring Solutions At Spy Equipment UK

Probably the most established computer monitoring solutions are the Keyloggers. These come in USB and PS/2 formats and essentially are an in-line memory device that is placed between the Keyboard wire and the PC Base Unit. These devices are not picked up by anti-spyware or anti-virus programmes. They are designed to record every keystroke made on the PC to which they are attached. Commonly used to record conversations of children with a view to their security on the Internet, for monitoring employees who maybe acting illegally or for checking on partners who maybe having an illicit affair which incorporates communication via the Computer. These cannot be used on Laptop Computers.

Coming a close second is the pure software solution. Spy Sure is the choice on offer here and this software has a set of very comprehensive tools including keystroke logging, e-mail capture, Instant Messenger Capture, Screen Shot Capture, Website Tracking as well as other blocking and monitoring tools. This solution comes on a disc with 1 license for installation and so can only be used on one PC. It does offer a very comprehensive package, but it does mean that discreet checking of what it has recorded needs to be performed on the computer on which it is installed. This solution is ideal for monitoring children’s activity on the Computer or the activity of a cheating partner where there is shared access to the same PC or Laptop.

Next in line is the Global PC Spy. This is the perfect solution for remote live monitoring of Internet-connected Computers. This USB Stick contains the software than can be installed on up to 3 PC’s that need to be monitored. Installation takes about 60 seconds, after which the USB Stick is removed. Real-time monitoring can then be established from another Internet connected PC by plugging the USB Stick in. What results is that you are pretty much viewing what the monitored computer has on the screen. In addition, the Global PC Spy can record IM chat and e-mails, but doesn’t record keystrokes. This is ideal for monitoring live what employees are up to and again perfect for keeping an eye on children’s Internet activity when you have to be elsewhere.

Finally we have the latest device which is the KeyStealth. This unit is a software-based keylogger, with the software being held on a USB Stick. When uploaded to the Computer to be monitored the software can be installed and configured in about a minute and then the USB Stick removed. This product records all keystrokes and screenshots at a rate that you determine.

To retrieve the information, then it is simply a matter of returning to the ‘Target PC’ where the stored data can be downloaded onto the USB stick for viewing there and then on the same PC or later on another Computer. This is the perfect keylogging tool because there is no physical item left inserted, which in turn means that it is ideal for use on Laptop Computers. A similar product we have in our range is the Computer Keystroke Logger USB (WiFi).

All PC Monitoring and computer monitoring solutions can be catered for, so it really is a matter of what scenario dictates your choice.