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    Category: Sport

    Man United Call on Spy Equipment Specialists in Recruitment Push

    Billy Rooney   November 13, 2019

    Manchester United have allegedly called upon the services of a number of spy equipment specialists, as they look to address their recently wayward recruitment policies and return to the top of the footballing tree. United are hoping that by bringing in surveillance experts, they can monitor a potential transfer signing to learn of the full […]

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    Gaining An Edge: Spy Products In Professional Sport

    Billy Rooney   August 1, 2019

    The use of spy products in professional sport has been a hot conversation point recently, with the curious and determined trying different tactics to gain an advantage throughout the build up to an event. Spying and the use of hidden cameras isn’t exactly new in sport. Scouts are constantly increasing their efforts to keep tabs […]

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    Do Football Teams Spy On Each Other?

    Adrian Mudd   June 23, 2016

    Van Gaal is paranoid about delivery vans, the French national team got infiltrated by a drone at the World Cup and Crystal Palace were fined for doing it to Cardiff City – but how many of our premiership or international teams would actually spy on each other?

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