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Spy Camera Detector

Product Code SCD1

NEW – The Spy Camera Detector combines a state of the art pinhole/spy camera lens detection, multi-phase infrared detection and lower range RF transmission scanning, all in one robust and well constructed hand held device.

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The majority of cameras don’t transmit their imagery, so this camera detector is something that everyone, who is serious about finding hidden cameras, must have in their armoury.

Identifies All Types Of Covert & Overt Cameras

It is commonly misunderstood that the only way to detect bugging devices is to use some radio frequency scanning equipment, although certain devices do not emit signals and therefore cannot be detected by this method. As an advanced specialist bug detector, the Spy Camera Detector will detect both wireless and wired cameras because it will show the actual lens of the camera to the user, as opposed to detecting a radio frequency transmission. In addition to identifying the location of the camera, this product also identifies where infrared illumination is in use, used by nighttime capable camera systems.

Illuminates Hidden Lenses – Alerts For Infrared Use

For the camera lens detection, the function is based on the principle of optical augmentation. This technical jargon refers to the phenomenon where light reflected from a focused optical system such as a video camera lens is reflected along the same path as the incident light. This means that if a hidden or spy camera is illuminated and viewed with the spy camera finder technology, then a strong reflection from the target camera will reveal its position to the user.

High Power & Adjustable Flashing LED Lights

The spy camera detector exploits this phenomenon by using a special, ultra-bright LED centred in the viewing port. When a user scans a room looking through the viewing port a hidden camera, appearing in the field of view will brightly reflect the light from the LED’s, showing up as a bright pin-prick of light. This unit has the ability to identify all spy cameras within the viewing area of the viewing port ,completing the task with less fuss than our previous model in that it is not so critical that you have to be standing ‘square on’ to the camera for it to show up in the device’s sights.

Low Range RF Detection

In addition to the spy camera finder features, this counter surveillance unit also has radio frequency detection. Attach the supplied antenna and switch mode for detecting transmissions in the vicinity between 10Mhz and 3Ghz. The device has a LED bar graph that indicates the strength of signal detected and will be accompanied by a beeping sound. The on/off rotary switch also serves as adjustment for the RF scanning system. This enables the user to reduce the detection sensitivity when homing in on a localised transmission, thereby assisting to identify the source. The RF detection is only powerful enough to identify transmissions at relatively close range, but still can identify GSM, 3G, 4G and WiFi signals.

  • Physical detection system for identifying camera lenses, infrared systems and low range radio frequency detection
  • Super bright LED viewfinder light with projection range of approximately 10 metres plus
  • Infrared detection range 750 – 1000NM – Detection distance up to 10 metres
  • Observing Eyepiece Viewing Port: 5 x optical magnification
  • Radio frequency detection range: 10 ~ 3000Mhz
  • RF detection distance: GSM: 50 to 300cm, 3G & 4G: 20 to 100cm, WiFi: 10 to 100cm
  • Powered by inbuilt 500mAh lithium rechargeable battery
  • Usage time after full charge of approximately 12 hours
  • Supplied with USB charging lead – Charge interface: Type C
  • Dimensions: 165 x 125 x 55mm – Net weight: 215g
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