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    Specialist Bug Detection

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  • Specialist counter surveillance equipment is required where the threat level posed by others who want your precious information is high and moreover sophisticated.

    Expert Bug Sweeper Devices

    In this category are more expensive devices for professional use by either private investigators, law enforcement agencies or in the corporate sector where industrial espionage would dictate that far more sophisticated eavesdropping equipment would be employed. Our top end units have sweep ranges up to 10GHz, but different units also include an infra-red/laser detection, a dedicated telephone tap probe, a mains carrier/low v low frequency transmission probe, dedicated GSM, 3G and even 4G detection.

    The plethora of transmitting devices available now mean that effective use of these products requires some training and for professional use, training and experience is essential. Our top-end bug detectors will uncover the following: FM and UHF RF Transmitters – analogue and digital, Telephone Transmitters, Wireless Cameras, Hard-Wired Covert Cameras, GSM Bugs, 3G and 4G transmitters, Burst Bugs, GPS Tracking Devices, Very Low Frequency Bugs, Main Carrier Bugs, Infra Red and Laser Bugs.

    At Spy Equipment UK we have expertise in use of these devices in the field, so prior to making such an expensive purchase it is worth calling to speak with one of our consultants who can advise accordingly. If you need complete peace of mind, or you have a lot at stake financially if information leaked out, then bug detection equipment is well worth considering

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