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Bug Detector – Profinder 1207i

Product Code 120T

The Profinder 1207i is one of a new class of a counter surveillance bug sweeping devices offered by Spy Equipment UK. A very sensitive professional bug sweeper with 6 channel design specifically for detecting digital RF devices

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The Profinder 1207i is one of a new class of counter surveillance bug sweeping devices which are regarded by Investigators and counter surveillance specialists as a reliable tool for tracing different digital transmissions such as GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, etc. side-by-side on one comprehensive display.

Designed for Detection of Modern Devices

New methods of ‘listening and watching’ with the help of modern technologies has become widely spread in modern times. Tiny GSM transmitters designed to listen in to conversations are commonly available, often disguised as everyday objects, at prices that make accessible to practically anybody. 3G Spy camera systems can be installed to remotely monitor your every move. Bluetooth protocol has been specially designed to transmit voices or conversations with high quality at a distance of up to 100 m, which makes it easily be used for bugging purposes. Perhaps more importantly, the new range of WiFi Bugs and cameras make remote listening and viewing simple.

Designed Without Standard Detector Pitfalls

The sensitivity of a common RF detector (bug detector) is spread along a wide frequency range, usually from 50MHz up to 3, or even 6-7 GHz. This means the average bug detector cannot often identify such weak and non-continuous signals as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max. Even more powerful signals like GSM-1800 are also hard to detect because standard bug detectors have lower sensitivity at higher frequency ranges. The 1207i has been designed with these weakness in mind. The way in which the Profinder 1207i covers all these pitfalls makes it a specialist bug detector.

Simultaneously Monitor Different Frequencies

The only way to reliably detect wireless protocols is to use pre-selector chips (saw filters), which attenuate all other signals except the desired ones. This is the method implemented in the Profinder 1207i which has 6 channels for specifically selected frequency ranges. Being designed in this way, this superb unit can simultaneously identify 6 different kinds of transmissions at a detection distance much greater than that attained by common RF detectors. Such qualities make the Profinder 1207i a very desirable and reliable device during counter surveillance sweeps.

Detects All Commonly Available Bugging Devices

Solidly made with a sturdy metal enclosure and supplied together with batteries and instructions ready to go, the Profinder 1207i is designed to detect: GSM baby-monitors/ GSM alarm/GSM bugs, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/ 3G video cameras, GSM Spy phones, GPS Trackers, Bluetooth bugging devices, Spy phones with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi/Wi-Max bugging devices, Wireless videocameras 2.4 GHz.


  • The perfect device for identifying and locating digital transmitters
  • 6 channels of detection for different kinds of protocols
  • Can be used for tracing both regular sources and illegal eavesdropping devices
  • 6 bar graphs with 10-segments each, for accurate location of RF sources
  • 4 modes: Silent, Vibration, Visual and Listen
  • 2 levels of sensitivity (attenuator)
  • Extra display shows probable protocol
  • Setup mode with selection the threshold level for vibration
  • Microprocessor controlled – Durable metallic body
  • Selected frequencies: CDMA (824-849 MHz) – GSM (880-920 MHz) – GSM (DCS 1710-1790 MHz) – WCDMA, 3G, GSM (PCS), DECT (1920-2000 MHz) – Bluetooth, WiFi (2400-2480 MHz) – Wi-Max (3000-7000 MHz)
  • Out of band attenuation 20-45 dB
  • 2 Omni-directional antennas
  • Detection range: Between 1 and 10 metres
  • Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included)
  • Operation time of 10 to 15 hours with standard alkaline batteries
  • Dimensions (without antennas): 120 x 70 x 16 mm

Will this device find all radio frequency bugs?

The Profinder 1207i unit is unique because it specifically filters 6 important bugging frequency strands rather than a ‘scan all capability. Because it has six lines of focus it is very sensitive and frequency-specific.

Can the Profinder 1207i unit detect voice recorders?

No, voice recorders to not transmit a frequency and therefore cannot be detected by RF detection equipment. A Non-Linear Junction Detector is the only type of device that can detect this type of bugging device. This is why physical search is paramount.

Can the Profinder 1207i detect wireless cameras?

This product is able to detect wireless cameras transmitting in the 2.4GHz range and is also perfectly equipped to detect the normally awkward 3G audio and video bugs.

Can I hear through the device when an audio bug is detected?

The Profinder 1207i does have audio demodulation, so this is possible if an analogue bug is detected.

Will the Profinder 1207i easily detect tracking devices?

The 1207i is an excellent tool for identifying signals transmitted by ‘live’ tracking devices.

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