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    Counter Surveillance Sweep Service

    Do you feel like you’re being watched? Think your office or house might be bugged? Don’t leave anything to chance and find out – NOW.

    Do you suspect your privacy is being invaded? A competitor could be trying to spy on your latest product design, marketing strategy or customer lists. Or your spouse could be attempting to keep check on your comings and goings. Whatever the reason, you feel your privacy is being blatantly disregarded and you’ve had enough of it.

    What if you could have real peace of mind about your privacy? What if you knew for sure whether you’d been bugged or not?

    Wiretaps, hidden microphones and tiny spy-camera’s are no longer just the domain of Hollywood movies. So if you’ve got something that’s worth protecting, chances are you need to take action right now. The threat of corporate espionage is very real: many companies will gladly trade their integrity for information on your latest, secret achievements. And in the domestic realm, it’s getting easier and easier to spy on the people closest to you – without them ever knowing.

    Hiring just any counter surveillance or spy sweeping service won’t fix your problems. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Most ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions (including the substandard equipment used by many ‘professional’ bug sweepers) are no longer enough to guarantee you’ll find ALL bugs planted on your premises. Plus, spies are getting smarter and smarter about placing those hidden mics and cameras: you always need to be one step ahead of them, in order to find those surveillance bugs!

    If you want to be absolutely sure about whether you’re being bugged or not, you need to hire the best in counter surveillance. Someone who knows exactly what he’s doing and who uses the best bug sweeping equipment in the field. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we’re able to offer you exactly that: the very best.

    Why choose Professional Counter Surveillance Bug Sweeping

    1. Two words: ex-policeman. Our bug sweeping service is lead by a veteran ex-policeman and private investigator. He brings a vast amount of field-experience and industry knowledge to the game – a match for any spy or overly-suspicious spouse!
    2. Even the Police call on us for our expertise. We frequently assist Police by providing professional advice and expert opinion on surveillance equipment and counter surveillance techniques. So you can guarantee that our knowledge is always up-to-date.
    3. We use the latest and best equipment. Not to mention some of the most expensive. Our equipment is streets ahead of what most other companies or online shops can bring to bear. If you have a bug problem, then we are sure to find it.
    4. We’ll give you complete peace of mind. Not only will all your questions be answered by a seasoned professional – we’ll also provide you with a complete and detailed report of our bug sweep. Once we’ve gone through your office or house, you’ll know if you’re being bugged or not, 100% guaranteed.

    Would you like to know what we can do for you? Then leave your contact details below or call us – we’ll get back to you to discuss the options and quote you a price!

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