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    Secure Communications

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  • Since the advent of the digital mobile network the popular held belief has been that digital communications are really secure and not open to phone-tapping.

    Ensuring Privacy

    However, this couldn’t really be farther from the truth because with minimal knowledge it really is very easy to breach the security of the digital mobile network communications. This being the case, it is not hard to imagine how easy it would be for an individual or a team with the right knowledge and experience in security over-rides to render a targeted individual almost defenceless.

    If you are the type of person who really values secure communications then in this section of the Spy Equipment UK website you will find devices and software to ensure that you are in the position to repel unwanted eavesdropping. We have handsets that will notify you if a third party is attempting to intercept your communications and also renders your calls an SMS messages secure. We also have a reasonably-priced encryption software solution for Nokia S60 handsets.

    We do not sell Gold-Lock software. Our encryption software is certified and passed by the leading authority of Cryptography at the University of Bar-Ilan, Israel –  and is the perfect choice for politicians, lawyers, executives, police and government personnel, in fact anyone who recognises the need for complete secure communication.

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