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    Rabbler Anti Surveillance Device

    Product Code R4BL

    Designed in conjunction with counter surveillance professionals, this easy-to-carry noise generator will help protect the privacy of conversations, helping to prevent eavesdropping and maintaining confidentiality.

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    With the vast range of covert and discreet audio surveillance technology available in the modern world, there is an ever increasing need for a solution to keep your private and confidential conversations away from those who wish to listen and record any sensitive information. The Rabbler Anti Surveillance Device provides an effective defence against those who would wish to pry.

    Professionally Designed Anti-Eavesdropping Solution

    The Rabbler was the result of a collaboration between Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TCSM), counter surveillance and security professionals seeking a simple and effective portable solution to keeping discreet meetings and private conversations secure from hidden listening and recording devices. The device employs a fresh approach to solving the problem in comparison to the normal industry standard of white noise protection. Instead of white noise, the device produces a speech-like noise, which in tests has on the whole proved to be more effective than a white noise system.

    Very Effective Technology – Simple To Use Anti Surveillance Device

    The noise produced by the Rabbler was compiled using real human conversations and therefore delivers the type of noise that would be experienced in a busy public space, where many conversations and other noises occur. This type of noise is most effective at interfering with the surveillance capabilities of voice recorders and listening devices, thereby rendering them redundant.

    The Rabbler Anti Surveillance Device is very easy to use with no technical setup or prior specialist knowledge required. It really is a matter of switching the device on and adjusting the volume or noise level to suit the circumstances of the situation.

    Easy To Carry – Robust Build

    Amongst the considerations of the product concept was that it needed to be easily portable and also robust, in order to cope with regular use and being transported in a pocket or a bag between meeting and conversation venues. The Rabbler secure communications device certainly meets these needs as it is slightly smaller than a 20 packet of cigarettes, which means it’s easy to carry on a regular basis and is constructed from durable materials, including a metal case. This ensures that keeping the device on the person or in a briefcase should never pose a problem.

    Ideal For Smaller Group Conversation Protection

    This counter surveillance device is suited to close group private conversations of up to four people. This means that the one Rabbler is capable of keeping conversations private for only smaller gatherings. If larger groups need audio surveillance protection, then a number of other devices can be used together to ensure the integrity of the meeting environment.

    Although larger, more expensive audio security systems are available to protect conference facilities, the Rabbler is the best solution for smaller meetings in random environments where confidential communications are essential. Multiple Rabbler devices could also be used in one area, to ensure the conversations of larger groups are protected and secure.

    • Designed to defeat Secret voice recorders and Radio microphone devices
    • Severely reduces effectiveness of GSM/3G audio bugs and Wired microphones
    • Jams acoustics of Body-worn video cameras – Camera Watch, Neck Tie, etc.
    • Restricts capability of other type of audio surveillance device
    • Powered by 9v PP3 alkaline battery – One supplied ready to use
    • Battery life approximately 13 hours – Easy battery swap for swift redeployment
    • Audio Frequency effective range: 300 to 4600 Hz
    • Controls: Power on/off – Volume level – LED bar graph level indicator – Battery Indicator
    • Dimensions: 85 x 53 x 21mm (approx 20 cigarette pack size)
    • Supplied in presentation box with battery and usage instructions

    Is the device like a white noise generator?

    Effectively this product does the same thing by preventing/jamming audio surveillance, but it is generally more effective than a white noise machine.

    Where is the Rabbler counter surveillance device best used?

    It is best deployed in close proximity to a small and close meeting. The device should be in the centre of the group and switched on during sensitive or confidential parts of conversations. It can also be used to assist defeat a listen through wall microphones.

    Does it completely block the sounds of a conversation?

    The Rabbler produces a noises similar to a busy room with many conversations taking place and this has been designed to effectively mask the audio of the conversation taking place defeating the microphone of any audio recording or audio surveillance device.

    Won’t the Rabbler anti surveillance device drown out the conversation taking place for those involved?

    No, it is still very easy to conduct the conversation without any difficulty as the human ear is far more effective at filtering out other noises in comparison to electronic microphones.

    Can this be powered from a mains supply for longer term deployments?

    Unfortunately the product is designed for shorter term use with portability in mind and as such is only powered by battery, however, a new standard alkaline battery will last approximately 13 hours.

    Consider The Following When Using This Anti Surveillance Device:

    • This device does not act like a white noise generator. The noises the Rabbler make are clearly audible to others close by.
    • Although the Rabbler is designed to defeat electronic microphone audio surveillance devices, it will not completely drown out conversations to persons physically sitting in the vicinity of the conversation being protected.
    • To play back recordings a very basic understanding of general computer usage is required.
    • If a meeting with many participants is taking place in a larger space you will need to consider using a number of Rabbler anti surveillance devices to protect the conversation taking place from electronic audio surveillance.