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Tiny Voice Recorder

Product Code TVC1

The tiny voice recorder is a fantastic device to have on your person when on the move. Initially designed to be placed in a bag, case or coat, this small voice recorder can be used in a variety of situations.

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NEW – Exceptionally compact recorder, with numerous covert deployment possibilities and other features set the Tiny Voice Recorder apart from our other spy voice recorders, making it perfect for use where desired placement requires a device with small dimensions.

Light & Small Voice Recorder – Deploy In A Bag/Suitcase/Coat

At Spy Equipment UK, we have been regularly asked to provide a self-contained tiny recording solution with a view to deployment in a bag, a suitcase or maybe even an overcoat, with battery life not being necessarily the prime requirement. The result is a very slim and small voice recording device that is also very light in weight, to accommodate the surveillance requirements of our customers. After giving the internal lithium battery a charge, simply remove the magnet to start recording before deploying it into your chosen location.

Voice Activation Device – Large Storage Capacity

This tiny voice recorder is preset for voice activation as standard. This means that it will only record when there is noise in the environment in which it has been placed, which ensures you are not recording long periods of silence. Every time the device’s microphone picks up a sound, a recording will start, but then when there is no noise for at least a minute, recording will stop and the file will be saved on the memory. It should be noted that the operating system in this voice recording device of course cannot distinguish between a human voice, the sound from a TV, a car stereo or even road noise from a vehicle on the move. When it comes to recording memory, the Tiny Voice recorder has a superb 288 hour (8GB) recording memory (in HQ mode). So, with a storage capacity vastly exceeding battery life, there is less need to keep deleting previous recordings from the memory between deployments.

Time And Date – Adjustable Sensitivity And Quality

This voice recorder has a very sensitive microphone that can pick up sounds in a 10 metre (30ft) radius. When activated, it does not give any audible indication of secret recording taking place, so it is totally discreet in operation. Offloading audio recordings is very easy with this particular recording device. There is no special software required. Simply put the supplied magnet in place on the device to stop recording and then plug the unit into a computer using the supplied USB adaptor. The sound files can then be played back through the computer speakers, using the computer media player.

Each recorded file has a time and date reference, which means you will be able to identify when something actually occurred. In addition, through the included software on the device memory, it is now possible to alter the sensitivity to suit the ambient noise in the deployment environment and there is also an option to increase the quality of the recorded file, albeit the increase in quality will mean a reduction in memory storage capacity from 288 hours to 144 hours.

Versatile Audio Surveillance – Excellent Quality

If you are looking for a very compact short term listening device and recorder with excellent audio clarity, amazing microphone pickup range, time and date and adjustability to suit your needs, then the Tiny Voice Recorder maybe the perfect choice. It was initially designed to be placed in a bag, a case or a coat for secretly recording conversations within the vicinity, but it can be used in many circumstances where there is a need for a really compact device or where only short deployment times are needed between battery charges.

  • Slender and compact short-term voice recording solution manufactured in the UK
  • Perfect for discreet deployment where space to hide the recorder is restricted somewhat
  • Voice (sound) activation recording is standard
  • Very high quality audio recording capability with auto level control – adjustable quality setting (HQ, XHQ and PCM modes)
  • Records as standard in MP3 format at rate of 64Kbps (HQ mode)
  • Time/date reference on each recorded file (set on a Windows PC)
  • Short-term deployments – Total standby/record time of approximately 18 hours (HQ) 15 hours (XHQ)
  • Audio recording memory capacity of 288 hours (8GB) – based on HQ audio quality setting
  • This tiny voice recorder has a sensitive microphone with up to 10 metre (33 feet) sound pick up radius
  • Discreet hidden LED light shows for a few seconds ONLY when recording is activated or when plugged into a computer
  • In-built lithium battery – Charge time of around 2 hours (LED indicator showing charge status)
  • The small voice recorder device has a hidden magnetic switch – required magnet in place to switch off recording (magnet supplied)
  • Compact overall dimensions: 55mm x 17 x 9mm – 9 grammes in weight
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers – No special software required
  • Programming the time and date function, sensitivity and audio record quality can ONLY be achieved on a Windows computer
  • Supplied with UK three-pin USB mains charger plug, magnet for off switch and USB plug connection adapter

Is the device silent and discreet in operation?

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention in any way.

Are there any lights that would indicate that the recording device is recording?

When the voice recorder is switched into record mode a discreet LED illuminates for a few seconds, but then goes out, after which there are no lights or anything else to indicate that something is recording.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

Yes, this new recording device has the ability to reference each recorded file with a time and date so you will know when something has occurred. Sensitivity and audio recording quality can also be adjusted.

Will the tiny voice recorder still record if it is hidden away from view?

Yes, the recorder will still pick up sounds from the environment, although if it is heavily buried, wrapped or secreted under really heavy material, the microphone effectiveness will be reduced to some extent.

How can the recordings be played back?

Recordings can be played back through computer speakers using the USB port adapter supplied. The supplied magnet needs to in place on the recorder to enable a Windows or Mac computer to see the device when plugged into the USB port. No special software is needed.

Can the voice activation feature be switched off?

No, the Tiny Voice Recorder is always set to voice activated recording. There is no straight record option.

Does the small voice recording device record one big long file with no breaks or does it recorder numerous shorter recording files?

The recorder will stop recording when there is no sound detected for one minute. When sound is detected again the recording system starts a fresh recorded file.

Consider The Following When Using This Recording Device:

  • There is no special password system to restrict access to recorded files.
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop.
  • To play back recordings a very basic understanding of general computer usage is required.
  • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.