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Carbon Monoxide Spy Camera

Product Code CAR8

Made by Spy Equipment UK – A high definition motion activated spy camera and DVR built into the outer case of a Carbon Monoxide Alarm has superb low light capability and long battery life. Fix this to the wall and then it is ideal for room surveillance at home or maybe an office / business environment.

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This commonly available Carbon Monoxide Alarm has been fitted with a high quality 720p covert spy camera with DVR recording system. Although the standard carbon monoxide detection and alert functionality has been disabled, outwardly the enclosure still retains the appearance of the standard device and therefore can be deployed in a room without alerting any unwanted scrutiny.

Multiple Deployment Opportunities

Please note that to fit the covert camera system and battery pack inside the Carbon Monoxide Alarm enclosure, the majority of the internal components had to be removed, thereby taking the standard Carbon Alarm functionality away. Despite this, the product externally looks like a standard device and as such can be easily fixed into position without drawing attention. An ideal spy camera solution for deployment at home, in the office or a mobile home.

Wide Angled Spy Camera System

The discreet covert camera is positioned in the front centre faceplate of the Carbon Monoxide unit. The camera itself is wide angled and as such is able to capture a broad view of proceedings in the environment in which it has been placed. The microphone is hidden from view behind the grille in the front face thereby ensuring decent sound recording can take place at the same time as video footage being obtained.

Long Battery Life

Many small hidden cameras have very limited battery capacity, but by removing the standard carbon monoxide alarm functionality, we have been able to incorporate a large enough battery to enable the camera system to be powered for around four and half days (after a full charge). Having this type of battery longevity ensures that the recording capacity of the unit can be fully utilised during a deployment opportunity.

Although unit can be programmed to operate in various different modes to suit the users needs, as standard it is supplied set up to run in motion-activation mode. Options available include scheduled and timer recording if required. All recorded footage has time and date stamping on the video itself, ideal for evidence gathering and the DVR can be set to overwrite once the internal memory has ben filled if needed. In addition to this the camera has the ability to work in very low light conditions due to the light sensing auto-switching functionality that ensures full colour recording in standard lighting conditions and monochrome (black and white) video recording when the ambient light gets particularly low.

Windows and Mac Compatible

Hidden inside the front (removable) cover is a charging / offload port. This ensures that transferring and playing back recorded footage is really quite simple. It really is a matter of connecting the supplied USB cable to this port and plugging the other end into a PC or Mac computer. There is no special software required to playback recorded video/audio files, although the computer being used does need to have a media player application. If one is not present then we recommend a free downloadable media player named VLC.

Easily Blends Into Environment

If you are searching for a stand-alone covert camera system built into an innocuous looking everyday item, then the HD carbon Monoxide camera/DVR may be exactly what you need. The ability to blend into the environment, run for a very respectable amount of time and produce high definition video and audio both in daylight and low light conditions, make this product worthy of serious consideration. Ideal for a deployment in a room where there would naturally be a potential necessity for a carbon monoxide alarm system. Contact us if you have any questions about this hidden cam device.

  • Complete self-contained battery powered hidden spy camera and recording solution
  • System is cleverly built into an everyday style of carbon Monoxide Alarm casing
  • Manufactured by Spy Equipment UK in the UK. Extremely well engineered and very discreet installation
  • Easy to understand and simple to use – ‘plug and play’ technology with no specialist knowledge required
  • Supplied in setup mode to record video on motion activation video (with audio) – The most common set up requested
  • High definition video resolution: 1280x 720p @ 20 Frames per second
  • Will record perfectly in daylight in colour -Auto-switching to night mode (black/white) when the lighting gets very dim in the area of deployment
  • Crisp quality CMOS pinhole lens – wide camera view angle of 62 degrees
  • Time and date stamping on video recordings – Ideal for evidence gathering purposes
  • Rechargeable 7800 mAH lithium ion battery pack inside – Giving power for up to 4.5 days deployment time (dependent upon activity in front of the camera)
  • 32GB digital internal memory capacity included as standard providing over 16 hours storage for recorded HD video footage – 64GB (32 hours) capacity available at extra cost
  • Through-the-lens motion activation triggers when there is movement in front of the device – gapless split time ( ten minute) recordings – if one file is corrupted, not all recording is affected
  • Change settings to suit your requirements – scheduled, sound activated or loop recording mode can be programmed by the user if required
  • Charge battery from PC or mains outlet. USB cable and mains adapter supplied
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 as well as Mac OS X – no specialist software required for playback
  • Perfect for deployment at home, in the office, the workplace or mobile home

Does this device still function as Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

Due to the fact that during manufacture the working parts of the original device have had to be removed, only the outer case is retained and therefore the original alarm function is no longer available.

Which way does the camera view?

The hidden spy camera is positioned in the front face of the Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

If somebody removed the front cover from the unit, would they be able to tell that it wasn’t a real Carbon Monoxide Alarm?

It may be obvious that it wasn’t a normal device because on the inside of the cover is a charging / offload port.

How can I play back the video recordings from the device?

It is simply a matter of removing the front cover and connecting the unit to a computer via USB lead to play back recorded files.

Will I require any special software to playback the recordings?

No special software is required as such, although some computers may need an updated media player. We recommend a free download of either VLC or KM Player which will ensure that there are no problems playing back recordings.

Does this device record sound as well as video?

Yes, there is a microphone within this device. The microphone will be able to clearly record voices within a general 6 metre radius.

Is the video recorded good enough to be able to recognise faces?

Yes, it is very easy to identify people on the footage because high definition video is recorded as long as there is some light in the place where the recording takes place.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • The unit is supplied as standard with 32gb of internal flash memory. If you need more internal memory space then you can select to upgrade to 64Gb (32 hours) on the dropdown menu
  • A computer with speakers attached is required if wishing to playback recordings with the audio on your PC or Laptop
  • You will need a media player on the computer for playback of video / audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK
  • The unit records approximately 30 minutes of video/audio per Gigabyte of storage.