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4G Mini Night Vision Camera

Product Code 4GC

The 4G Mini Night Vision Camera is a compact, standalone, self-contained battery-powered 1080P video camera system that utilises local 4G mobile phone network connection to transmit ‘live’ imagery and send notifications to the remote user, whilst automatically recording motion activated footage to the installed mico SD card.

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This self-contained super-compact day/night black box CCTV camera solution can be effectively deployed where it can communicate through the connected 4G mobile phone network. Automatically recording high definition video (with audio) and providing ‘live’ communication via a Smartphone App.

Historically a battery powered standalone camera system that could not only record high quality video footage, but also allow the user remote access, control and setup was always difficult to achieve. WiFi communication provided some potential, albeit this is always limited by the proximity of an accessible WiFi signal. However with the proliferation of 4G Mobile Phone (Cellphone) networks now supporting data transmission capable of handling HD video, we now are able to offer an intelligent camera system solution.

Supremely Portable and Versatile Mini Camera

As a general rule, battery powered cameras either have bulky dimensions to support longterm positioning or have restrictive standalone capability because their small proportions limit the inbuilt battery capacity. Here the 4G Mini Night Vision Camera performs very favourably by incorporating certain power-saving features that, as a result, at only 54mm in length, ensure that its overall size allows for discreet deployment opportunities.

The compactness can provide the prospect of secreting the camera within many different environments where as long as certain aspects of the camera face have unrestricted view, then the camera system can still function as designed. The internal 2800mAh battery can provide a straight video recording time of 5 hours, however the PIR body heat trigger can provide a maximum standby of 20 days, so realistically the camera will stay active for a length of time that is a combination of these two figures. Should circumstances allow then the camera could also be permanently powered from a wired charging cable.

Full HD Video – Excellent Low Light Capability

The camera lens provides 120 degrees of vision that enables the capture of sharp video imagery in full colour. The system can be remotely set at a lower resolution to save power or to full 1080p high definition. The camera system performs extremely well in all lighting conditions. A camera of this type is of course expected to work well in a daylight setting, but even when ambient light is fading the sensitive image sensor is able to still produce high contrast imagery. In addition, with the help of inbuilt non-visible infrared LED’s, when set to night mode, the camera can still capture video in dark conditions.

Motion Sensing and Overwrite Recording

The camera accepts micro SD cards up to a maximum of 256GB in size, so with a storage rate of 2GB per hour of recoded footage, up to 128 hours of storage is possible on this maximum capacity card. In addition the system features overwrite (circular) recording, which allows for overwriting of the oldest video files with the latest captured footage when the card has reached its capacity. Cloud storage is avaulable (separate sign-up payment) through the Smartphone control App.

The motion activated system features body heat sensing and a radar detection system (135º detection field view). This combination helps to reduce incidence of unnecessary triggered recordings such as mere changes in lighting or inanimate movement within the cameras field of view. The wide radar detection field assist in starting a fresh motion activated recording as the subject is coming into view.

Push Notifications – Remote Control and Review

The product is supplied with a nano E IOT Pay as you go 4G SIM card, which when charged with credit allows the camera to remain connected to the mobile phone network. This allows for remote viewing and feature setup/change as well as the ability to playback and download captured video/audio files via the free downloadable Smartphone app (iPhone and Android). It also supports push notification alerts of movement detected by the camera. Clicking on a notification immediately sends the user to the app control view panel, with a live view from the camera.

Simple Setup – Multitude of Uses

The 4G Mini Night Vision Camera is very easy to set up out of the box. Download the relevant app to your phone for free (QR code on instructions makes this easy). Then add the camera by scanning the QR code on the rear of the camera, subsequently waiting for a response from the App where camera can be given a name.

Use at home, in the office or in you vehicle as long as there is a usable 4G phone network connection. The camera is NOT waterproof, so not ideal for any lengthy outdoor connection where it could be subject to inclement weather conditions. If you require an outdoor 4G camera solution then check out Outdoor Spy Cameras category for alternative products.

Can other devices transmitting within the same area interfere with the transmissions?

The camera relies on the local digital 4G Cellular network coverage. Essentially the device acts like any other Smartphone in the vicinity, so it’s transmission is dealt wit and secured in the same way so as to not cause interference. Speed however will be affected by the number of devcies on the network.

How many devices can monitor the camera at any given time?

The camera is set up on one account, so as a rule can only be remotely monitored by one user at any given time. When another user logs in using the same access details, the original user will be disconnected. It is possible to share the account connection with one other.

What is the cost of running the 4G Camera?

The remote connection relies upon the mobile phone networks, so there is an assosciated data cost. Usually this is covered on a PrePay SIM with an upfront fixed data usage fee, which will usually need to be renewed on a monthly basis or you could use a contract SIM card with an data package over a 12 month period.

Is the footage produced by the camera clear enough to identify people captured within say 10 metres of the camera?

The camera records in high definition 1080p colour video with excellent clarity, so easily capable of identifying persons captured in the footage obtained.

Do I need to some complicated setup process to get the camera working on the mobile phone network?

No, to link the SIM card provided to the App account is very simple and only requires scanning a QR code and inputting an eamil. No technical expertise is required. And we supply easy to follow instructions and can provide support by telephone during business hours.

Can I use this 4G spy camera worldwide?

Yes, as long as the SIM card in the device can utilise and connect to the local 4G cellular network in that country and 4G coverage is available where is is deployed, then using elsewhere in the world should be easily possible.

Can the 4G Mini Night Vision Camera be powered purely from the mains supply?

Yes, there is a USB power lead supplied to charge the internal battery and this can be used, with a mains adapter to provide a permanent power connection if desired.

Does the camera system also record and stream audio with video imagery?

Yes, the 4G Camera has an inbuilt speech quality microphone that enables audio to be captured at the same time.

  • Android or iPhone Smartphone with an Internet connection is needed to remotely set and control the camera system.
  • User needs an email address to set the account on the free downloable App.
  • Credit needs to be added to the included PrePay 4G SIM card or an active Contract SIM card needs to be used.
  • To use the cloud storage facility the user will need to activate a contract package through application settings.
  • When deployed the camera will need to be in an area that has reasonable 4G phone network coverage
  • Watch high definition streamed ‘live’ video footage from the camera on your Smartphone
  • Remote connection through 4G cellular phone network using inserted SIM card
  • Automatically record motion activated video (with audio) to inserted micro SD card or cloud storage
  • Remotely download and playback recordings through free Smartphone App
  • Receive push notifications of movement in from of the camera to your phone – click to view live feed
  • Setup and change camera settings via the Smartphone app
  • Excellent auto-switching low light capability enabling night vision functionality
  • Overtwrite (loop back) recording once memory card becomes full
  • Battery powered enabling standalone deployments with long standby capability
  • Sensor resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Camera Lens: 135º view angle
  • Sensor Sensitivity: 3.3V/lux-second
  • Radar Detection Sensor: Trigger angle of 120 degrees
  • internal Battery: 2800mAh 3.7V Li-on
  • Current Consumption: 500mA (record mode)
  • Recording Time: Max 5 hours (fully charged battery)
  • Standby Time: Max 20 days (PIR body heat trigger)
  • Memory Card Support: Up to 256GB microSD – 32GB Included
  • Memory Usage: 120 minutes per GB of memory
  • Cloud Strorage facility: Available as cost option
  • Video Resolution/Compression: FHD 1080P, h.264 (MP4)
  • Microphone: Speech grade (pick up radius of up to 8M)
  • 4G SIM Card: Accepts 4G Network SIM (E IOT card included)
  • Camera Dimensions: 54mm (L) x 42mm (H) x 38mm (W)
  • Operating Temperature: 0 to 45ºC (32 to 113ºF)
  • OS Supported: Android OS or iPhone iOS
  • 1080p wide angle radar trigger 4G camera
  • USB 2.0 charge cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Mounting bracket (with screws and rawl plugs)
  • E IOT Pay as you go 4G SIM card
  • Full online instructions with some video guides