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GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker

Product Code GPS3

The GPS Enforcer is a superb ‘on-demand’ magnetic GPS tracker controlled from your mobile phone using calls and SMS (text) messages. Simple to use, ‘plug and go’ technology to keep you in control on the move.

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If you are looking for a GPS Tracking Device that can magnetically attach to the underside of a vehicle, doesn’t need special software, but offers incredible performance capability, then look no further than the GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker

All you require to use the device is an active SIM card with credit on it and a mobile phone (preferably a smartphone). There is no need to use a computer to run a special tracking platform, so keeping an eye on your car tracker can be done ‘on-the-fly’ from almost anywhere.

Simple Operation – No Special Software Needed

It really is a matter of making a call or sending a SMS to the phone number of SIM card that you put inside the tracker to get its current location back to your mobile phone. The message that you receive will be an SMS (text) message that contains map coordinates, time, date, speed of the vehicle, battery power remaining and a link to Google Maps showing exactly where the tracker is on the map. If you have ever used Google Maps on your phone you will already be aware that you can easily zoom in and out of the maps for closer or wider view and swap between standard map and satellite view.

Strong Magnetic Shoe – Strong and Durable

The GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker is made from quality materials and is solidly built and has a large flush-fit magnetic plate that enables the unit to be firmly attached to the underside of the vehicle to be tracked. The magnetic pull strength is approximately 50 Kilograms so the tracker will not be affected by the vehicle being jarred by passing over speed bumps or similar. The Enforcer is weatherproof (not totally waterproof) and is suitable for long-term deployment under a vehicle in all weather conditions, although it is also provided with a plastic sealed bag just in case you need to make it almost totally waterproof for certain circumstances.

Excellent Battery Life

This product has a high capacity internal lithium rechargeable battery that, under normal usage conditions, can keep the device powered for up to three weeks, which means that down time for battery charging is kept to a minimum. The battery is internal and not interchangeable, so does require removal from vehicle for charging (charger is supplied). A standard size SIM card with credit on or active contract SIM is required to send location messages back to the requesting phone. We offer a prepay Vodafone SIM as an option (with £10 credit) on our options menu

Extra Features and Optional Wired Connectivity

With features such as a shock sensor to let you know when the GPS Enforcer Vehicle Tracker has started to move again, setting regular automated location intervals and over speed alert, then it is obvious that the product has been well thought through. We also offer a hard-wired kit with external GPS antenna as an optional extra, so you can, if required fit the device within the vehicle of your choice taking power from the vehicle’s own battery (see drop-down menu for this cost extra).

  • GPS Vehicle Tracker designed for covert operations
  • Easily attached to the underside of the vehicle with integrated strong magnet
  • Easy to deploy – simple to use out of the box
  • Live updates direct to your mobile phone by SMS messages
  • Uses Google Maps to display comprehensive locational mapping information
  • Satellite mapping view and zoom capability
  • No special software needed – No computer required
  • Powered by integral 6000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery standby time: 60 days – Normal usage conditions: 2 to 3 weeks
  • Battery full recharge time of 5 to 6 hours
  • Battery alerts with each location received (percentage power remaining)
  • Shock alerts to inform when vehicle is on the move
  • Programmable for regular automated tracking interval setting
  • Waterproof casing suitable for under vehicle operations in any weather
  • Quad-band capability – Use in ANY country worldwide
  • Designed to accept most active standard size SIM cards (will not work with ‘3’ network SIM’s)
  • SIRF3 GPS Chip for accurate locational data
  • Super-fast response time to locational requests when tracker is on the move
  • Compact dimensions: 94 x 60 x 38mm (300 grammes)
  • Can be supplied with vehicle wired connection pack for installation in vehicle (optional)
  • Optional pay as you go Vodafone SIM card activated with £10.00 credit on it ready to use

Can this tracker be placed right underneath the car body?

Yes. After the device has been able to get a GPS positional fix, then it can be deployed right underneath out of sight.

How strong are the magnets? Is there any worry about the unit dropping off?

The device is fitted with a plate rare earth magnet with a pull strength strong enough to hold the device in place on the underside of a vehicle with ease. As long as the device is attached to a flat magnetic area, then there should be no chance of it dropping off.

What if the car on which I wish to put the tracker has a complete plastic underbody?

The unit has two flanges at either end with holes so the device could be cable tied or even screwed on if necessary.

Is the tracker completely waterproof?

The GPS Enforcer is certainly weatherproof and ideally suited to underside deployment on a vehicle. The casing is designed to prevent water and dust ingress and although the tracker could not be dropped into a bucket of water and remain sealed, this really is not what is required anyway.

How accurate is the vehicle tracker?

This will depend on a number of factors including what type of area the tracker is in at the time that it sends out locations. If there are tall buildings then GPS reflection off these buildings can reduce accuracy a little. However, generally the devices are accurate to within about 5 metres.

How much does it cost to run?

This depends upon how often you request a location from the GPS Enforcer. Each time it sends a location or change of status to you by SMS then this will be charged at the rate relevant to the SIM that is in the device. Some network providers even provide FREE inclusive text message packages.

Do I have to fit it with a contract SIM card or can I use a pay as you go SIM?

Most standard size active SIM cards can be used. It is a good idea to use a SIM card that is cost-effective to use in conjunction with the monitoring phone SIM. It is worth contacting the network provider to work out the cheapest option. (We do know that the device doesn’t support ‘3’ network SIM cards).


You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • These trackers are not supplied with a SIM card, although they are quad band and have been designed to accept most standard size SIM cards. We have found that ‘3’ network SIM cards will NOT function with this device.
  • The SIM card that you put in the device MUST be active and MUST have credit on to be able to send out locations via SMS to the requester.
  • The Enforcer tracker is controlled solely by requesting locations using a mobile phone. The Enforcer is not on a web-based tracking platform as such.
  • To be able to use the full facilities of the location mapping system you will need a SIM card in your phone that is switched on for data (can go on the Internet). This facility generally comes as standard on PAYG SIM’s and can be switched on on contract SIM’s. Having a data connection allows your phone to display Google Maps that show the location sent back by the GPS Enforcer.