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GPS Evolution Vehicle Tracker

Product Code GPS2

Made by Spy Equipment UK – The upgraded GPS Evolution is one of our superb range of magnetic vehicle trackers. Invariably chosen by professional investigators, this powerful surveillance tool is ideal for long term GPS vehicle tracking requirements. Manufactured in the UK by the Spy Equipment UK team.

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The GPS Evolution is a superb tried and tested magnetic vehicle tracking device that offers the very best in GPS tracker hardware backed up by our superb tracking service. This device is the obvious choice for the professional investigator or those who are looking for a feature-rich piece of tracking technology.

Latest GPS and Cell Tracking Technology Onboard

Most GPS tracking devices available rely on obtaining accurate updated locations from an array of satellites orbiting and beaming down GPS to the Earths surface. As a general rule this is a more than satisfactory method to keep a track of vehicles, plant, machinery and other moveable structures. However, GPS can often fail when the tracked asset is not in view of the sky, for example when a vehicle enters a multi-storey car park or plant/machinery is put into a covered transporter. What makes the GPS Evolution so different is that it now has cell location tracking technology to back up the advanced GPS system. If GPS transmission is lost, but the device still has a mobile phone signal, then a location circle will be displayed on the tracking console map in which the unit will be located. As soon as the GPS Evolution can lock onto the GPS signals again, then the more accurate location icon will again replace the cell location based circle.

Water Resistant Case – Super Strong Magnets

The GPS tracking unit is fully enclosed within a tough sealed, water and dust resistant case that is designed to protect the internal electronics in environments such as the underside of a vehicle in all weathers. To keep the casing completely weatherproof the GPS Evolution now has an internal magnetic on/off switch that can be operated using the supplied magnet and a waterproof charging port covered by an air-tight rubber cover. The GPS Evolution can be deployed under any vehicle thanks to the 64 Kilogram pull-strength dual magnets built onto the case. If magnetism is not an option, due to the vehicle underside being fully sealed in plastic for example, then the tracker case can still be attached in a number of different ways by using the drilled flanges on either end of the casing.

Long Battery Life – Movement Sensor

The GPS unit has an inbuilt movement sensor that allows the device to power down into sleep mode when it has not been on-the-move for more than 5 minutes. And unlike many other vehicle tracking devices, the GPS Evolution has a very low power consumption whilst in operation. We now offer two rechargeable battery options – 5200Ah and 8000Ah so after a full charge of the internal lithium power pack, the tracker can be used for up to 4 weeks operationally or up to 18 months on pure standby (when using unit with optional 8000mAh battery). In addition, in order to ensure that the battery doesn’t expire during a deployment there is now the facility on the tracking panel to monitor the battery life status. battery life times are based on a vehicle moving for approximately two hours per day.

Prepay SIM or Unlimited UK/EU Cross-Network SIM’s

The GPS Evolution is supplied, as standard with an active Vodafone Prepay SIM card (with £10.00 credit on) for transmitting its positional data. This allows for real-time locations to be reported back to the tracking panel. On average £10.00 credit should last for between 7 to 10 days when a tracker is on a vehicle moving approximately 2 hours per day. As an alternate we offer an unlimited cross-network SIM Card for UK / EU providing extremely reliable and limitless tracking.

The UK / EU Unlimited SIM’s are similar to a contract SIM in that there is no need to check credit levels or top anything up. The Unlimited SIM’s are able to roam across the Vodafone, EE and O2 networks meaning that they will rarely lose touch. Unlimited SIM cards are available for UK and EU customers only. Should you wish to use the tracking device outside the UK and EU, then it will be possible for the Spy Equipment UK technical staff to install an international SIM card. If this is required then this requires advanced warning and preferably a phone call to the Spy Equipment UK sales team.

No Tracking Credit Topups Required

Many tracking devices available have ongoing running costs in the form of tracking credits in addition to adding credit to the SIM card. This normally means that a regular payments have to be made to keep credits topped up in order to ensure that the location information from the tracking device is accessible on the tracking panel to which it is linked. This can prove very costly over time. The GPS Evolution has an annual subscription fee for use of the FutureTrack panel, however no additional tracking credits are required and the first 12 months panel fee is included in the purchase price. This means that only the SIM card credit needs to be considered if using a Prepay SIM and if using a UK unlimited SIM, there are no hidden extras or pitfalls to consider whatsoever.

Remotely Monitor Using Computer, Tablet or Smartphone

The GPS Evolution operates on Spy Equipment UK’s web-based tracking console called FutureTrack. FutureTrack is a password protected, web based tracking console with comprehensive facilities and includes screen auto-refresh, geo-fencing and email movement alerts. The mapping is extremely sophisticated utilising Google Maps including Google Street view. FutureTrack is also available to view on any Internet-enabled mobile phone or tablet providing real-time monitoring on the move! For a preview of the features available with the tracking console please click on the FutureTrack link and enter the below demo account details.

  • Username: spydemo
  • Password: spydemo

Real Time and Historic Tracking

If you are looking for a well engineered robust, effective and easily deployable GPS Tracker with comprehensive ‘real time’ and historic monitoring facilities then the GPS Evolution is worthy of serious consideration. With two battery sizes and UK SIM types available as well as the option to use the device on an international deployment (prior setup required), then it is easy to see why this unit is a popular choice for both professional and amateur investigators alike.

  • Real time GPS tracking with 15 second live updates (or longer between if required)
  • Cell location tracking as a back up if tracking device loses GPS such as when going into a tunel or underground carpark (where mobile phone signal still exists)
  • Completely sealed casing making it weatherproof and ideal for under vehicle deployment
  • Magnetic on/off switch ensures that device will not be accidentally switched off when deployed
  • Internal fully rechargeable 5200mAh or optional 8000mAh Lithium battery
  • Battery Consumption – approx. 2 weeks life – Standby Time up to 12 months (5200mAh ) or approx 3 weeks life – Standby up to 18 months (8000mAh) – based on 2 hours driving per day using
  • Joint 64 Kilogram magnetic holding power for secure deployment beneath a vehicle
  • Drilled holes to support fixing brackets where magnetism is not possible
  • Latest SiRF Star IV GPS chipset technology with in-built high gain antenna
  • On-Board Memory will store any lost location data even when the GSM coverage is low
  • In-Built Motion Sensor will automatically power down to conserve battery power when not in operation for 5 minutes
  • Geo-Fencing will alert you via email the moment the unit enters or leaves any user defined area
  • Email or print off up to 12 months worth of full detailed reports of every journey via the tracking console calendar
  • Accurate Tracking visible usually to within a matter of 5 meters at street level
  • Tri-band modem for GSM/ GPS/ GPRS worldwide operation
  • Playback journey history visually on the tracking console
  • Tracking unit dimensions: 100mm x 60mm x 45mm(D)
  • With PAYG SIM option GBP 10.00 of credit is included in the purchase price
  • Optional UK / EU unlimited SIM available or Request International SIM installation by prior arrangement
  • Unlimited UK / EU SIM card operate cross-network across Vodafone, EE and O2 – Greater chance to maintain live tracking feeds
  • Remotely Monitor on any Internet connected computer, laptop, tablet or Smartphone – Responsive tracking website allows more functionality from a phone than ever before

Can this tracker be placed right underneath the car body?

Yes. After the device has been able to get a GPS positional fix, then it can be deployed right underneath out of sight.

How strong are the magnets? Is there any worry about the unit dropping off?

The two magnets have a combined pull strength of 64 kilograms. Bear in mind that the unit weights only just over half a kilogram and it is obvious that the magnetic strength is not an issue.

What if the car on which I wish to put the tracker has a complete plastic underbody?

The tracker casing has holes in the bracket at each end that allow for fixing to the underside using cable ties or some other fixing method.

Is the tracker completely waterproof?

The GPS Evolution is certainly weatherproof and ideally suited to underside deployment on a vehicle. The casing is designed to prevent water and dust ingress and although the tracker could not be dropped into a bucket of water and remain sealed, this really is not what is required anyway.

How accurate is the vehicle tracker?

This will depend on a number of factors including what type of area the tracker is in at the time that it sends out locations. If there are tall buildings then GPS reflection off these buildings can reduce accuracy a little. However, generally the devices are accurate to within about 10 metres. If there is no GPS then a circled area will show based on proximity of the tracker to mobile phone base stations.

If I want to know when the tracker enters or exits a certain area, then is there a way that I can be alerted?

Yes. This is known as a Geo-Fence alert. You or several people can be alerted by email each time the tracking device enters or leaves a preset geofence area.

Can I set the size and shape of the geofence alert area myself?

Yes, this is a simple process that can be set through the tracking panel and email addresses to be notified can be set here too.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • Each tracker requires an annual licence fee to be paid. This fee has to be paid upon purchase and if you wish to continue using the service after the 12 month period then £65.00 + VAT (£78.00) will be payable.
  • If you select the Unlimited UK / EU SIM card option then this provides unlimited tracking service in the UK for a 12 month period. If you intend to use the tracking service outside UK and EU borders then the Unlimited SIM fee WILL NOT cover this eventuality and you must contact Spy Equipment UK to discuss arrangements for this.
  • The Unlimited SIM fee is payable upon 12 months of issue unless you decide not to continue the service at this point.
  • If you decide not to continue the Unlimited SIM service or pay your licence fee at the 12 month expiry period, but decide to resume at a later date, then you will have to contact Spy Equipment UK to make arrangements for this.
  • We use Vodafone Pay as you go SIM cards in our tracker units that customers have selected the PAYG option. The customer is responsible for keeping this SIM card topped up. Typically with a vehicle traveling maybe 2 hours a day £10.00 credit on the SIM will last around 7 to 10 days.
  • Spy Equipment UK have no control over Vodafone PAYG SIM operation. It should be noted that if a PAYG tracking unit is left unused for an extended period of time (over 2 months) then Vodafone may discontinue the SIM because no credit is being used. If this is the case then even if the tracker is not being used for a particular job, it is worth switching it on and taking it for a short drive to use a minor amount of SIM credit thereby keeping the SIM active.
  • If you intend to use the tracking device permanently outside the UK and EU then you will need to contact Spy equipment UK to make arrangements for an active international SIM to be fitted in the tracker. This allows for testing of the unit and for sealing the unit after testing prior to despatch.