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    RF Beacon Tracker

    Product Code RFB1

    The RF Beacon Tracker is the ideal asset tracking solution that is ideally used in conjunction with one of our GPS devices. The device is designed to transmit every second and can be located down to a matter of centimetres.

    Although the RF Beacon Tracker can be used on its own, its range is limited and this is why its preferred deployment is as a more accurate tracking back up for one of our GPS devices.

    Rechargeable Long-term Battery Life

    The RF Beacon Tracker is relatively small in size and is powered from an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery. After a full charge, a deployment time of up to 10 days is achievable, easily long enough to enable recovery of an asset. This is a leading asset tracker on the market today and has been utilised in a variety of situations by those that have purchased it.

    Accurate and Frequent Transmissions

    The RF Tracker is designed to transmit every second and can be located within a matter of centimetres. It can be supplied with or without the magnet dependent upon customer preference and can be programmed to any one of 200 transmission frequencies which enables numerous devices to be used within the same area. The maximum transmission distance on this clever tracking device is approximately 1Km ‘line-of-sight’, although in a built up area maximum transmission distances of around 400 metres.

    Locate Tracker inside Building or Metal Structure

    The RF Tracker can be concealed within a package or maybe attached to a crate. Normally a GPS tracking device attached to a vehicle will enable tracking of a package or crate in transit, but more often than not, identifying an exact package or crate after it has been removed from the vehicle and taken into a premises can be quite difficult to achieve. The RF Tracker not only enables the item to tracked into the building in which it is located, but more precisely it can be located within the building even if it has been hidden away. An RF wand is required in order to locate the device (please see Contact Pro RF Detector in this section).

    • Battery-powered self-contained unit
    • Supplied with or without attached magnet (17Kg pull)
    • Internal rechargeable lithium ion 3.7v 920mAh battery
    • Deployment time of 7 to 10 days after a full charge
    • Dimensions: 73 x 40.5 x 24mm
    • Supplied with Mascot 2240 wall charger

    can this type of tracker be configured to report back to a computer tracking platform?

    No, the transmissions sent out by the device cannot be quantified in this way. The beacon tracker is used for ‘at close range’ capability.

    What is the tracking device was in a package that was put inside a big metal container. Would this stop RF the transmissions from the Beacon Tracker from reacing the outside world?

    GPS and GSM signals are certainly affected by this type of scenario. The RF Beacon Tracker would have a much less effective detection range, but the beacon transmissions would still reach the outside world.

    You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

    • This device is not capable of being monitored remotely through a web-based tracking platform. The device is usually more suitable as a back-up for a GPS tracker.
    • This unit can only be located using a correctly programmed Contact Pro RF wand (see other product listed in this section).
    • After manufacture the radio transmission frequency of the RF Beacon Tracker cannot be altered. The programmed frequency will be dsigned to directly correlate with a channel on a corresponsding Contact RF Pro Wand.