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Mac Computer Access Key

Product Code M4CC

Mac Computer Access Key can get you into an Apple Mac computer account without the need to know the login password. Easy to use investigators tool. Now supports operating systems up to OSX 10.6 to Mac OS Monterey 12

This product cannot be purchased using Paypal due to their restriction on computer surveillance products. Other payment methods available.

This product cannot be purchased using Paypal due to their restriction on computer/phone surveillance products. Other payment methods available.
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Mac Computer Access Key is a ‘carry anywhere’ Apple Mac account password bypassing tool. Maybe you’ve lost your password or someone has locked you out of your Mac computer. Now compatible with OSX 10.6 to OS Monterey 12.

Not Simply a Password Recovery Tool

This special Mac PC monitoring software can gain you entry and recover your Mac computer account. Don’t mistake this as a password recovery tool, this software gives you access to any Apple Mac computer account allowing you to regain access to your files, and generally get your life back. Using this specialist tool does NOT mean that you have to reset the password, but simply bypasses the need to enter one.

Used by Private Individuals or Professionals

Mac Computer Access Key comes with two different user license options – a 10 user license that will allow you to bypass up to 10 accounts on up to 10 different computers or an unlimited license which is ideal for IT professionals, Law Enforcement, Computer Investigator, Private Investigators, etc. Unlimited means that you can use it on as many different computers as needed, as many times as you like.

Perfect for The Concerned Parent

Every investigator should have this software in their arsenal of digital tools. If you have a small office set-up, Mac Computer Access Key would be great to have on hand especially if you can’t afford downtime. If you are a worried parent, then this software will help you get into a child’s account to ensure that they are safe online. A child maybe hiding something because they are scared and don’t know how to deal with a situation. The Mac Access Key helps put you back in control.

Gain Access in Total Discretion

It maybe that you need to install some monitoring software on your child’s computer account because their online activity is giving cause for concern, but they have locked you out of the account by changing the password, preventing you from checking up on them. Use Mac Access Key to bypass the password and get the monitoring software onto the account without the need to tell them.

No Specialist Computer Knowledge Required

This Apple/Mac monitoring tool is so simple to use. When the computer is off, plug the Mac Computer Access Key USB stick into an available USB port. Then boot up that computer and at the same time by holding the keyboard keys during boot up you will bring up the the Mac Access operating system, which provides a simple onscreen guide. Following the steps provided allows you to bypass the login passwords and thereby entering the account that you wish to access. It should be noted that it will not be possible to change the password and there will be no alters, notifications or signs left that the account has been accessed using the Mac Computer Access Key.

N.B. This software is not suitable and will not function if the Mac Hard Drive is encrypted.

  • Special software on a USB stick that gives you instant access to user accounts on an Apple Mac computer
  • No need for a lengthy password recovery process
  • Software is provided on flash drive (USB Stick) ready for instant deployment
  • Designed to be easy to use – No specialist technical knowledge required
  • Perfect for investigators, law enforcement and IT professionals
  • Will NOT require a change of User password – simply a bypass software
  • Designed for discretion – Will leave no trace after the computer has been rebooted
  • Available as a 10 license or unlimited licence (use on as many Macs as you like
  • Great as a professional investigator’s tool or simply to have as a back up for your office
  • Supports Mac computers running OSX 10.6 through to Mac OS Monterey 12

How many times can I use the software?

A Mac Access Key 10 licence can be used on up to 10 different computers, although it can be used many times on each of these computers. There is also an unlimited version available for unrestricted usage, maybe ideally suited to the professional Investigation industry.

Will it work on a Windows computer system?

No, but we do sell another product called the Windows Master Key that will assist with bypassing the login password on a Windows machine.

Don’t I need specialist knowledge to use this product?

No, it is fairly simple to use and we provide a video tutorial to make things even easier.

If I wanted to install other software onto the computer after I have bypassed the Mac password, then would I be able to do this?

Yes, because effectively bypassing the Mac login system means that you would have Administrator privileges.

Will this software get me past passwords for Facebook or other social networking sites?

No, this is purely for bypassing the Mac computer login password only.

You will need to consider the following to use this product:

  • You must be able to boot your computer from a USB drive in order for the Mac Computer Access Key to work. You will also need a keyboard connected (explained in included instructions).
  • Although a simple procedure, if support is needed, then this would be best done over the phone during normal office hours for Spy Equipment UK
  • Although sold on a USB stick, the product is classified as a software and as such cannot be refunded if it has been used for its designed purpose.
  • This software will not work if the Mac Hard Drive is encrypted