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  • GSM 4/6 Gang Extension Plug Bug

    This is a standard, fully functional, 4 or 6 Gang plug extension lead that conceals a powerful GSM module can provide near limitless live audio surveillance. Totally discreet, simple to use, 'plug and play' technology.

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    If you want to be able to listen in to what is happening inside a room from some distance away and need something to blend into the environment, then the GSM 4 or 6 Gang Extension Plug Bug may be just the solution to suit your needs.

    Auto-Answering GSM Bug – Fully Functional Sockets

    This product is essentially a smart GSM module and microphone all wrapped up in the innocent guise of a fully functional, 4 or 6 gang plug extension lead. The GSM 4/6 Gang PlugBug can be simply plugged into any mains socket available to remain permanently powered, ready for dial in anytime, anywhere. The SIM card concealed within the unit can be called from any phone. The Plug Bug will not make any noise or give any indication as to what is happening, but will auto-answer the call and open up the very sensitive microphone that will allow you to hear what is going on around it.

    Blends Into The Environment – Super Sensitive Microphone

    The in-built microphone is sensitive enough to pick up normal speech level noise within a radius of up to 8 metres (25 feet) of this GSM Bug. This means that even if the Plug Bug was under a desk tucked away, it would still easily pick up on sounds in the room where it is placed. The device is powered from the mains supply, so as long as it is connected to a ‘live’ mains outlet then the unit will, within a minute, be ready to receive your call. All of the sockets on the Plug Bug extension work, which means that numerous other mains powered devices can be plugged in and thereby completely put this GSM extension Bug ‘above suspicion’.

    Optional Sound Activation Model

    We have two types of device, one without and one with voice activation facility (see package options drop-down menu). We can supply two versions of device, one without and one with voice activation facility (see drop-down package options menu). The unit with voice activation facility has the extra ability to inform you by text message when it detects noise in the environment where it had been plugged in. This means that you can choose if you wish to call in to listen at that time. In addition the sensitivity of the microphone can be set to the required level for triggering. Switching on and off the voice activation and setting the sensitivity level is easily achieved using certain coded text messages from the mobile phone number you wish the system to respond to. There is no extra charge for this option.

    Listen in From Afar

    There is no limitation on the distance from which you can call the device because in reality it is just like calling another mobile phone. If you have the standard unit then you will not need any credit on the SIM card within the unit to be able to listen-in (some charges may apply if you call in from an international phone). If you select the device with voice activation facility then this will require credit on the SIM inside the bug to be able to text you notifications and respond to remote commands.

    Ideal for Home, Office or Workshop – Changeable Network SIM

    If you are looking for the ideal listening device to be able to place into a room without drawing attention then this 4 or 6 Gang extension GSM unit has to be an obvious choice. An extension lead of this type will never look out of place at home, in the office or even in a workshop, especially because it can be used to power other devices and it can be hidden from view and still be effective as a listening bug. It should be noted that although we always supply an operational O2 SIM card (Pre-pay with no credit) ready to deploy, the SIM inside the device can be changed to one of your choice to suit your budget or the network capability where the bug is to be placed.

    • Totally standard style 4 or 6 gang extension lead with in-built GSM bug
    • Unlimited surveillance distance – dial in and listen from anywhere in the world.
    • Fully functional 4 or 6 gang plug extension – Will power other devices from all sockets
    • Quad Band GSM Modem – Operates on 800MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz GSM Frequencies
    • Supplied with Virgin SIM card already installed and ready to go
    • Standard version will accept any network SIM – Voice Activated unit will not take 3 network SIM’s
    • Audio capture distance for normal level speech of up to 8 metres (25 feet) radius
    • Mains powered for long term surveillance applications
    • Voice activated version is commanded by SMS messages

    Will this work as a standard 4-way or 6-way mains plug adapter?

    Yes, it will power devices plugged into it whilst working as a listening device.

    How sensitive is the microphone?

    The microphone should easily pick up sounds in a 6 to 7 metre radius.

    Do all of the sockets work or is one blanked off?

    All of the sockets work in the normal manner.

    Will the GSM bug still work if it is unplugged from the mains power supply?

    No, the unit has no back up battery, so you will not be able to listen in when disconnected.

    Does it come supplied with a SIM card?

    Yes, we normally supply with a Virgin SIM card, but this can be easily changed over when you receive the GSM unit if required.

    Does the GSM Bug make any noise or are there any indication that it is being used as a listening device?

    There are no giveaway signs whatsoever.

    On the voice activated version, will I need credit on the SIM card?

    Yes, if you have set the unit to call you back then, just like a normal phone, you will need credit on the SIM inside the device to enable it to call you.

    You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

    • You will need a working phone (mobile or landline) to enable you to listen in to the bug.
    • If the supplied VirginO2 SIM card then you will require a Philips type screwdriver to open up the extension lead to access the SIM card inside.
    • This unit is NOT battery powered and must be plugged into a mains power outlet that is switched on.
    • To be able to take advantage of the voice activation facilty on this version of the device the SIM card inside the Plug Bug will require credit or will need to be a contract SIM. The Virgin SIM card supplied does NOT have credit on it and as such it is not possible to use the voice activation facilty unless you put credit on this SIM.