How to Stop Bullying with Monitoring Devices

Adrian Mudd   July 29, 2014

Being bullied is an experience that negates the victim’s quality of life in a serious way. Feeling scared to go into school or work, spending all day miserable and all evening dreading the next day is something no-one should have to go through. Unfortunately with developments in mobile technology and social media, many victims are now even bullied at home over the internet. However, there is a solution. If you or someone you know is being bullied, whether it is at work or school, using PC monitoring equipment and spy phone software can very effectively put an end to the situation.


Here at Spy Equipment UK, we feel strongly about helping those going through such difficult times to get life back to normal. Sometimes when you’re battling against manipulative individuals and technology that allows them to cover their actions, the only way of proving what is happening is by using monitoring devices. We have supplied computer monitoring equipment and advice to individuals suffering bullying who have successfully managed to combat the situation.Stop Bullying with Spy Equipment and PC monitoring tools

Here are our tips on eradicating bullying with spy equipment, PC monitoring tools and savvy spy phone software.

Preventing Cyber Bullying with PC Monitoring and Phone Monitoring

Recent research conducted by anti-cyber bullying organisation iSAFE has revealed that more than 50% of young people have been bullied online. As tragic cases such as that of Amanda Todd demonstrate, the effects of emotional abuse over the internet can be devastating. The only functional way of either keeping track of your child’s internet usage if you are concerned about bullying, or recording evidence if you are being bullied, is by using PC Monitoring software.

Such computer monitoring software can be installed to your child’s computer via a USB stick and allows you to select either social media sites like Facebook or messaging programs such as MSN to be continually monitored. You will receive emails with screenshots of your child’s actions on these platforms, along with keystroke data telling you what they have been typing so you can prove the situation is one-sided. As the majority of cyber bullying incidents occur over social media and messaging platforms, this is a very effective way of identifying if your child is being bullied online and collecting evidence on which you can then take action.

We also cover the topic of computer monitoring to prevent bullying in our article PC Monitoring – The Future of Surveillance.

Over a quarter of teens have also been bullied for a sustained period of time via their mobile phones. By using a software that works in a similar way to PC monitoring you are able to see their text messages, call history, location and internet browsing history to identify causes for concern. This software also facilitates downloading of all files on the phone, so you can save them for evidential purposes. Alternatively, giving your child spy phone is an even more guaranteed way of knowing exactly what they are doing on their mobile device.

These spy phones look and work exactly like normal brand new models such as our BlackBerry 3800, but send copies of every text to your device, along with allowing you to listen to the user’s phone calls, and even call the phone, which leads to the conversation being automatically answered without any signal so you can listen to the situation your child is in. If you want to find out if your child is being bullied online as well as when they are away from home, this is a great option as it allows you to be aware of incidents as they happen so you can step in, along with proving what is happening at a later time.

Catch Bullies on Secret Cameras

Many schools use CCTV to identify students suspected of bullying and have significantly cut the amount of incidents that occur as a result. However, if you think that one of your child’s friends is bullying them outside of school, deploying a spy camera in your home when they are around could gather concrete visual evidence of this. By hiding a tiny covert camera in an indiscriminate object, or purchasing a camera disguised to look like a normal everyday object such as a clock, where your child and the bully interact, you can film the situation, upload it to your computer, and save it to present as evidence to school officials or even the police. This will enable you to ensure the bully is disciplined and will certainly put them off continuing with their harmful behaviour.

Listening Devices get the Audio Evidence you Need

Just like PC monitoring devices, spy phone software and secret cameras, listening devices can allow you to record evidence of verbal and emotional bullying incidents. Either you could deploy a disguised listening device in your home if the bully is visiting, or you could provide your child with a body-worn spy gadget like an audio recording watch for whilst they are at school. With such a device your child can subtly record verbal abuse as it occurs onto their gadget, take it home to show to you and save to your computer. You will then be able to use it as evidence against the bully, putting an end to a troubling situation.

No one has to put up with a bully, but unfortunately many of us do because either we’re scared or be don’t think we’ll be taken seriously – and probably a combination of both. Don’t stand for bullying any longer. With these monitoring devices you can be sure to get the evidence you need to feel confident in filing a complaint against a bully and stopping this experience from holding you or your child back from happiness any longer. If you would like any further support and some wider information about how computer monitoring, PC monitoring or spy phone software can help, we are here. We would love to help you, please just contact us or call us on 024 7601 0588.