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Cuddly Toy Voice Activated Recorder

Product Code CTR3

Made by Spy Equipment UK – Introducing our cuddly bear toy voice-activated recorder, the newest addition to our range of audio and voice recording devices. This inconspicuous device now features time and date stamps, as well as adjustments for sensitivity and quality. Much like the other devices in our extensive listening devices range, this product contains a powerful, battery operated and voice-activated recorder module, in which the microphone and digital recording system are cleverly concealed within a very normal-looking cuddly toy.

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With audio recording technology advancing rapidly, Spy Equipment UK has been at the forefront, providing a wide range of hidden voice recorders. Among these options, the Cuddly Toy Voice Activated Recorder stands out as an ideal solution, especially in situations where audio recordings are required in a child’s room as a protective measure or perhaps when a child is out and about in the care of someone else.

What To Expect From The Cuddly Toy Voice Activated Recorder

This device has become one of our top hidden audio recorders, mainly due it advanced features, such as:

Voice Recorder Cleverly Concealed Within

The cuddly bear toy features an advanced digital recording system with a large memory capacity, cleverly concealed within the bear. Its sensitive microphone boasts an impressive pick-up radius of approximately 7 metres, ensuring clear voice recording for normal sound levels.The cuddly toy has a small access opening made in the seam in the back of the toy under the T-shirt. This discreet opening provides access to the concealed, high-quality voice recording system within the bear.

Adjustments For Sensitivity

The cuddly toy voice activated recorder is a voice recorder with a difference, designed to cater to your recording needs while ensuring the utmost discretion, which is especially valuable when it comes to your child’s safety and well-being. Here are some more of the device’s features:

  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Standby time of up to 25 days
  • Continuous recording time of up to 24 hours
  • 8GB flash memory storage for up to 288 hours of voice recording
  • Convenient USB connection for file transfer to your computer
  • Time and date reference for each recorded file
  • Adjustable sensitivity to suit different deployment environments
  • Option to increase the quality of recorded files (with reduced storage capacity)

Simple To Use Voice Activated Recorder

Are more UK parents using Spy Equipment to track their children? With our newly upgraded Cuddly Voice Activated Recorder, monitoring your child’s activities or their care has never been easier. Our voice activation system ensures that the recorder only captures audio when there is sound in the surrounding environment where the cuddly toy bear is placed. This ensures that you won’t have to listen to long blank pauses on playback of the recorded audio. Operating the recorder is easy with a simple push-button activation, which requires removing the recorder module from inside the bear. On activation, a small red LED light illuminates to indicate that recording has started. This light goes out after about 2 seconds and then afterwards there is nothing visually or audibly that will alert anybody to the fact that there is a recording device inside the toy.

Given its advanced features, it’s no wonder this voice recording device is one of the best hidden recording devices you can find on the market today.

Very Discreet – Windows & Mac Compatible

The compact and lightweight recording module, cleverly concealed within the cuddly toy, makes it perfect for covert audio surveillance, as no one will suspect anything unusual about the bear. What’s more, the recording module in this clever voice activated recorder uses flash memory storage and is therefore compatible with both Windows and Mac computer systems. No special software is needed to playback the files on the computer and all cables, chargers, etc. are supplied with the bear of your choice (see options menu for bear selection).

As long as you are using this listening device for legal and ethical purposes, the situations that would suit using a voice recording device are limitless.

If you’d like to learn more about the Cuddly Voice Activated Recorder, or any of our other listening devices, contact our team of experts today.

  • Voice recorder totally hidden inside cuddly toy
  • Accessed through velcro opening in seam at back of toy under ‘T’ shirt
  • Sensitive microphone with up to 8 metre sound pick up radius
  • Voice activated recording or straight recording options as standard
  • Very high quality audio recording capability with ALC
  • Records in MP3 format at 64Kbps
  • Time/date reference on each recorded file
  • Standby time of 25 days or unlimited when plugged into ‘live’ USB port
  • Straight recording battery life of up to 24 hours
  • Audio recording memory capacity of 288 hours (4GB)
  • Discreet LED light shows ONLY for two seconds when recorder is switched on
  • In-built lithium battery – Charge time of 2 hours (LED indicator)
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers – No special software required
  • Programming the time and date function can only be achieved on a Windows computer
  • Dimensions of Winnie the Pooh Bear: Height is approximately 28cm and width 23cm
  • Ideal for making sure that your children are being treated fairly by child minders and carers

Is there anything externally that would show that this is anything other than a standard teddy bear?

The recorder and the microphone are completely hidden within. They can only be accessed through a carefully velcro-sealed seam at the back of the bear under the toy’s T shirt top.

How long will this voice activated recorder device record for?

The device is powered from a lithium ion battery. On average after a full charge the unit could work for up to 25 days standby and 15 hours recording time.

Is the device silent in operation?

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

Yes, the new version of this voice recorder now has the ability to reference each recorded file with a time and date so you will know when something has occurred.

How can the recordings be played back?

The bear velcro access seam needs to be opened up and the recording module inside can then be connected to a computer and the files played back using the computer media player through the speakers.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • Although the battery pack and recorder are concealed from view in the toys stuffing, their presence could still be felt if the toy is really squeezed hard or discovered if the velcro access flap is investigated.
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop
  • A media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK