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Covert Audio Surveillance

Adrian Mudd   August 15, 2015

Audio monitoring has moved on from the days of hissing audio tape using reel to reel. In the modern world, audio monitoring at a covert level is easier than ever. The last time I saw and recognised a listening Bug device was an interesting occasion.

It was interesting because very few people will recognise an audio recorder even if it is right in front of them. The sophisticated devices of today do not come with a label stating the object is a voice recorder. Not usually. Covert voice recorders and similar devices continually break new barriers in terms of sophistication and effectiveness.

The Development Of Audio Surveillance Devices

inside of the smoke alarm audio recorder

In the old days, sound could be recorded onto magnetic tape. Unfortunately it also picked up every other sound including the hiss of the tape sliding through the deck and the sound of the motor turning. There was no way in which the magnetic tape could differentiate between one noise and another. Today, the sophisticated listening devices available to anyone wishing to make such a purchase includes a voice recorder that can detect the difference between a voice and other types of noise.

This facility allows the device to function without manual interference, which is especially useful for people undertaking covert operations. Of course, covert monitoring can be undertaken in domestic and commercial situations by a professional evidence gatherer, who is licensed for such work, but also by others who need to ensure they operate within the law.

A Look Into Voice Recording Technology

The voice responsive technology available today minimises storage space, thereby reducing playback and listening time. In theory, the recording device can be left in situ for as long as it takes, but this entirely depends on whether the device is portable or not. The power source can limit usage time although professional supplies of this type of equipment will be knowledgeable as to battery life whether a device is best wired into some other form of power. Voice recorders that are wired to a power source tend to be immovable. The choice is entirely down to customer need and resource.

Interestingly, the audio recording device pops up on our film and television screens regularly as a favourite device to catch criminals. I most enjoyed one recorded event that resulted in a vehicle repair business being closed down due to fraudulent behaviour. It was good to see the audio recording equipment in action along with evidence that size really does not matter when it comes to gathering clear audio evidence. The fantastic coups facilitated by such audio and visual monitoring equipment generally remain shrouded in mystery, which means those of us not in the loop of the successful swoop rarely if ever get to hear of money and perhaps lives saved by using the right covert listening equipment. After all, we are used to closed circuit screen monitoring because cameras are in our shopping areas and streets.

Discuss Our Audio Recorders With Us

The voice recorder or audio monitor is much more elusive to the public eye yet equally effective in monitoring activity and most importantly the planning of activity. If you wish to discuss our wide range of audio recorders with us or the importance of covert audio surveillance in today’s society, please contact us by your preferred method.

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