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Hidden Voice Recorders

Adrian Mudd   November 7, 2013

Technology never looks so beautiful than when it appears to be a natural part of the surrounding environment. The latest hidden voice recorders are no different and some are, in fact, contenders for the crown of covert innovation within the field of spy equipment. Popularity for its use is growing, perhaps as a result of positive public exposure. Recent times have seen the use of the voice recorder burgeoning, thanks mainly to media coverage as voice recorders are both referred to and seen throughout the viewing day.

Hidden Voice Recorders

Hidden Voice Recorder

Their covert or overt usage pops up during news shouts, popular television programmes and the increasingly popular genre of reality TV. However, a hidden voice recorder implies that the person or persons being recorded may not have given their permission to be recorded. This is not always the case. There are many situations where covert recording is utilised with the full knowledge and permission of the target.

How to use a Covert Voice Recorder

Education and Training is the first area which leaps to mind. These fields contribute to the greater good of society because the personal improvement in an individual is likely to directly or indirectly benefit others in some way. For example, just a short time ago, the only way to record evidence of capability i.e. to achieve certification, was by written examination or by recording the questions and answers using hand-held microphone units. The latter tended to be limited either by the battery power source or the recording capacity. Additionally, there aren’t many people who have not experienced stage fright brought on by the sight of an obvious microphone. The hidden voice recorder can, therefore, be used within an educational institute to facilitate a terrified candidate to deliver their best performance within an exam scenario. This not only supports achievement but contributes positively to supporting those who are disabled by nervous conditions. Usage time and placement might, therefore, be a consideration in similar circumstances.

Where to hide a Voice Recorder

Today’s technological advances in power access and storage have enabled some fantastic options when considering the staging of the voice recorder in order to achieve best sound uptake. In terms of sound, size is not an issue providing the right unit is selected. Many miles of sound can be packed into a discreet and compact port whose design will be influenced by whether it’s constant use is for carefully placed voice activated units. The audio recorders casing will have some influence on whether its power source is through direct mains supply or via stored power units. The overall level of discretion required will also influence size and positioning of your voice recorder, as will the price you wish to pay. Fortunately, today’s technological advancements mean that price is not a massive issue – the voice recorder is finally financially accessible to all.

Clever design provides portable or fixed options and shows off audio recorder discretion at its best. It is the responsibility of the buyer to decide whether or not the recording is a covert or overt activity and how to deploy the selection of hidden voice recorders. Contact us for more on this issue or, alternatively, head to our listening devices range to find our complete line of sophisticated, advanced and technical voice recorders.