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A Voice Recorder With A Difference!

Adrian Mudd   January 27, 2017

There’s a new voice recorder in town! Our new product may look like a standard Bluetooth headset, but it is, in fact, an audio recorder complete with amplifying microphone!

Headset Voice RecorderPerfect for those times when recording information is necessary but discretion must be maintained. The Headset Voice Recorder can be worn like a Bluetooth headset, or attached to a pocket/bag for minimal obstruction and maximum recording quality.

Features and capabilities include

  • The device is portable and versatile
  • Can be clipped on to an ear loop or to a pocket or bag
  • Capture excellent recordings with sensitive microphone
  • Easy playback of recordings
  • Complete discretion
  • 1 GB internal memory storage (up to 35 hours recording capacity)
  • Good quality battery life and quick charge time

Our latest adaptable recorder can be used in a range of meeting and situations where there may be verbal confrontation or you need to record an important conversation.

Find out more about the Headset Voice Recorder by getting in touch with us!