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Carbon Monoxide Alarm Recorder

Product Code CMR3

Made by Spy Equipment UK – This fully functional Carbon Monoxide Alarm has been installed with a superb battery powered voice recorder (with time/date stamp and sensitivity settings) making it perfect for audio recording room surveillance in the home.

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A Carbon Monoxide Alarm is an essential addition to any home where there is a fuel-burning device. Because they are commonly used and seen in the home, we knew that they would make the ideal donor device in which to install an audio recording system.

Carbon Monoxide Functionality is Retained

Keeping the safety functionality separate was of course extremely important and therefore the superb audio recorder operates and is powered totally separately from the carbon monoxide alarm itself. The second consideration for this device was that the recorder was incorporated in such a way that its presence within the unit was not obvious. The design is such that we have successfully met both of these needs.

Superb Battery Life – Time/Date Stamp

From the perspective of an audio recorder, this product has high-quality microphone technology and an amazing recorder battery life as well as a high recording flash memory capacity. After a full charge of the recording system battery, a standby time of up to 76 days is available. When recording, the device takes a lot more power from the battery, however, a very respectable straight recording time of up to 72 hours is still achievable. And because the system has voice activation (sound activation) as standard, then deployment times will be a combination of standby and record times. This means if there was maybe 2 hours of sound on a daily basis in the room where the device was placed, the battery could last for weeks before a recharge was needed. This updated unit now has a time and date reference for each recorded file, which is important to identify when something actually occurred.

Large Memory Capacity – Voice Activated Recording

The audio recording system has a standard inbuilt memory storage capacity of 288 hours for recorded files. Each voice activated (sound activated) recording event is stored on a separate sound file which makes it easier to navigate through recording incidents. The microphone is very sensitive and can pick up standard level speech audio up to a radius of 10 metres. The audio recording functionality is extremely discreet with no flashing lights or giveaway sounds that would alert attention. The recorder is very easy to use and is activated by pressing a discreetly placed switch inside the battery cover for the Carbon Monoxide Alarm.

Adjustable Microphone Sensitivity and Quality

Offloading of audio files is achieved by connecting the device to a computer or laptop using the supplied USB lead. The audio recorder is charged through the same small connection port, which is again located under the battery cover. A mains USB adapter is also supplied, which means that the audio recorder battery could be charged without being moved if the unit was placed next to a mains power outlet. Through a newly added feature, it is now possible to alter the sensitivity to suit the deployment environment of the listening device and there is also an option to increase the quality of the recorded file, albeit the increase in quality will mean a reduction in memory storage capacity from 288hours to 144 hours.

Easy to Deploy – Ideal for Home Environment

Carbon Monoxide Detectors quite often are left free standing on a cupboard or mantlepiece, although this unit can be easily fixed more permanently to a wall using the supplied screws or if preferred for ease of offloading recordings and/or charging it may be prudent to attach some velcro to the back. If you are looking for a voice recording solution that can fit into a home environment and is unlikely to be tampered with or removed then the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Recorder has to be worth considering.

  • Fully functional battery powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm System with in-built audio recorder
  • Perfect for discreet deployment in any home where there is a need for CO monitoring
  • Audio recording system functions and is powered separately to the alarm system
  • recording system is cleverly incorporated in a totally discreet way – no external giveaway lights or audible signals
  • Voice (sound) activation as standard – no wasted memory space with no audio
  • Very high quality audio recording capability with auto level control
  • Records at MP3 format at rate of 64Kbps
  • Time/date reference on each recorded file
  • Incredible standby time of over 76 days (that’s 2.5 months!)
  • Impressive recording mode battery life of up to 72 hours
  • Audio recording memory capacity of 288 hours (8GB)
  • Sensitive microphone with up to 10 metre (33 feet) sound pick up radius
  • Discreet LED light can be viewed for two seconds through gap in alarm casing ONLY when recorder is switched on
  • In-built lithium battery – Charge time of 4 hours
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers – No special software required
  • Programming the time and date function can only be achieved on a Windows computer
  • Perfect for long term room surveillance in a building where a Carbon Monoxide Alarm would be required

Is the device silent and discreet in operation?

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention in any way.

Are there any lights that would indicate that the device is recording?

When the recording system is switched on a discreet LED illuminates for a couple of seconds, but then goes out and then afterwards there is no indication that recording is taking place.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

Yes, this new unit now has the ability to reference each recorded file with a time and date so you will know when something has occurred.

Will the recorder still record if it is hidden away from view?

The unit is designed so as to be completely discreet when left in view, however if hidden away the recorder will still pick up sounds from the environment, although if it is heavily buried out of site, the microphone effectiveness may be reduced.

How can the recordings be played back? 

Recordings can be played back through computer speakers by plugging into the USB port of a Windows or Mac computer using the supplied connection cable. No special software is needed.

Can the voice activation feature be switched off?

No, the Carbon Monoxide Alarm Recorder is always set to voice activated recording. There is no straight record option.

Does the device record one big long file with no breaks or does it recorder numerous shorter recording files?

The recorder will record a new file each time the microphone picks up enough sound to start the recording process and then ends the file when the sounds, voices, etc. have stopped.

Will the Carbon Monoxide Alarm still keep me safe?

Yes, the standard functionality of the Carbon Monoxide system has not be interfered with and operates completely separately from the audio recording system.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • There is no special password system to restrict access to recorded files.
  • This product is powered by lithium batteries. It is recommended that lithium batteries are charged and fully discharged regularly to keep them in optimum operational condition.
  • To charge the device you will need to connect the device to the mains supply or a USB port on a computer/laptop.
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop.
  • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
  • The Carbon Monoxide Alarm is powered by 3 AA batteries (supplied).