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Smoke Alarm Recorder (Voice Activated)

Product Code SAR3

Made by Spy Equipment UK – This fully-functional common style smoke alarm with a built-in sound-activated recording system. This product is the perfect audio surveillance solution for home or even at the office. This new unit has time/date stamp and adjustments for sensitivity and quality.

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Smoke Alarms are a common site in almost every home and office. They fit into the environment and never attract a second glance, which is why this voice activated recorder system maybe the right choice for your needs.

Smoke Alarm Retained Functionality – Sound Activated

The donor device is a smoke alarm of a design that has been around for many years, so nobody will ever suspect that it is anything other than the original device. Our previous version of this listening device sacrificed the smoke alarm system due to lack of space, but this latest version maintains the smoke alarm original functionality. The voice recording system that is built inside the smoke alarm recorder is powered from a lithium ion rechargeable battery providing up to 75 days working standby time or 72 hours actual recording time. And because the recording system has voice activation (sound activation) as standard, then battery life times will be a combination of standby and record times. This means if there was maybe 2 hours of recording on a daily basis in the room where the unit was placed, the battery could last for weeks before a it expired.

Large Recording Storage – Great Audio response

The sound recording system has a standard inbuilt memory storage capacity of 288 hours for recordings. Each recorded event is stored as a separate sound file making it easier to navigate through separate recorded events. The microphone is very sensitive and will respond to standard level speech audio within a 10 metre radius. Each time the device’s microphone picks up a sound, a recording will start and will stop and save the file when there is no noise for at least a minute. It should be noted that the operating system of course cannot distinguish between a human voice, sound from a TV or other noises in the environment and so will record all of them as they occur. This updated recording device now has a time and date reference for each recorded file, which is important to identify when something actually occurred.

Time/Date – Adjustments for Sensitivity and Quality

This product has a very sensitive microphone that can pick up sounds in a 10 metre (30 ft) radius. This updated unit now has a time and date reference for each recorded file, which is important to identify when something actually occurred. In addition, through the included software on the device memory it is now possible to alter the sensitivity to suit the deployment environment of the unit and there is also an option to increase the quality of the recorded file, albeit the increase in quality will mean a reduction in memory storage capacity from 288hours to 144 hours.

Very Discreet Operation – Easy Offload of Recordings

The audio recording system is extremely discreet in that there are no flashing lights or giveaway sounds that would draw attention. The recorder is simple to use and is activated by pressing a small push-button switch on the detachable recorder unit. Offloading of audio files is achieved by removing the recorder unit (held in place by magnets inside) and connecting it to a computer or laptop using the supplied USB lead. The audio recorder battery is charged through this same connection lead. A mains USB adapter is also supplied, which means that the battery in the audio recorder can be charged from a mains power outlet as well as a computer.

Versatile in Use & Deployment Opportunities

The Smoke Alarm electronics are totally separate to the recording systems and as such the smoke alarm functionality is powered by its own changeable battery and the recorder has its own inbuilt rechargeable Lithium ion power. And due to the fact that we have made the recording unit removable, it could serve a dual purpose as a stand-alone recording solution for other deployment circumstances if so required. So, if you are looking for a voice recording solution that can fit into a home or office environment that is unlikely to be tampered with or removed then the Smoke Alarm Recorder has to be worth considering.

  • Very common style of smoke alarm with built in/detachable recording system
  • Great for deployment in a room audio surveillance situation at home or in the office
  • Audio recording system functions and is powered separately to the smoke alarm system
  • Recording system is cleverly incorporated in a totally discreet way – no external giveaway lights or audible signals
  • Voice (sound) activation as standard – no wasted memory space with no audio
  • Very high quality audio recording capability with auto level control
  • Records at MP3 format at rate of 64Kbps
  • Time and date reference for each recorded file
  • Incredible standby time of over 76 days (that’s 2.5 months!)
  • Impressive recording mode battery life of up to 72 hours
  • Audio recording memory capacity of 288 hours (8GB)
  • Sensitive microphone with up to 10 metre (33 feet) sound pick up radius
  • Discreet LED indicator light can be seen for two seconds on recording units when switched on to record
  • In-built lithium battery – Charge time of 4 hours
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac computers – No special software required
  • Programming time/date function can only be done on a Windows machine
  • Perfect for long term room surveillance in a building where a Smoke Alarm would be required
  • Recording module is totally removable and can be deployed on its own if so desired

Will the normal smoke alarm function still work?

Yes, the smoke alarm functionality has been completely preserved and the recording system is separately powered.

How long will the device record for?

The device can remain in standby for up to 75 days, although rather like a mobile phone has call time and standby time, when the unit records it uses more power, so it will depend on how much per day the unit records.

Is the device silent in operation?

Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

Yes, each recorded audio file has a time and date reference.

How can the recordings be played back?

The Smoke Alarm needs to be opened up and the detachable recording unit removed. This can then be connected to a computer using supplied USB lead and the files played back using the computer media player through the speakers.

Are the any external signs that the device is anything other than a Smoke Alarm?

There is nothing exposed to give the secret away. Because the Smoke Alarm naturally has vents in, then no additional holes have to be added for microphones, etc. However, when opened up it does not resemble a normal Smoke Alarm.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • This is a working smoke alarm system. The smoke alarm circuitry has been left in place and is separate to the the recording system.
  • The smoke alarm circuitry has its own battery power. These batteries are supplied and replacements can be obtained from many high street and supermarket store outlets.
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop.
  • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
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