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WiFi Listen and Record Plug

Product Code USBW

This is a working Mains Power USB Plug that contains WiFi audio surveillance technology enabling remote listening and recording of the surrounding environment, all monitored and controlled through the smartphone app. A powerful and discreet listening device and voice activated recorder with longterm deployment capability.

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The consistent request for audio surveillance products that allow both listening in ‘live’ and also automatic voice recording has been a feature of conversations with new and regular customers. The launch of our WiFi Listening Devices range is now starting to fill the gap. The WiFi Listen and Record Plug offers the same great features, but with the addition of mains power that enables extra longterm deployment opportunity.

Longterm Audio Listening and Recording

Mains powered products provide a great longterm deployment solution because there is no need for recharging of batteries like some of our other devices. This is why our other mains audio and video products have always proved very popular. So, it is no real surprise that we have now added one to our WiFi Listening Devices range. With the outward appearance of the very familiar triangle wall charger, the WiFi Listen and Record Plug is a powerful addition. Available as a working charge plug in standard USB port or USB C outlet, you can select to product to suit your circumstances.

Remote Listening Capability – Easy to Operate

Over the years the ultimate audio surveillance device was always a product that could both listen and record, but until recently it was a choice between these two functions. This product is the perfect addition to our recently launched listen and record range. Operating through an app on your Smartphone you can choose to listen remotely to what is happening ‘live’ and at the same time recordings are being made both whilst you are actually listening and at other times automatically in response to noise in the environment. To activate the WiFi Listen and Record Plug you simple plug into a powered 3 pin socket and the device will instantly fire up and transition into setup mode ready for linking/binding to the WiFi via the smartphone app, which is available as a free download.

Easily Control From Your Smartphone

Other, live listening and recording solutions use mobile (cell) networks, which require a SIM card to achieve remote listening/monitoring. To ensure that the SIM remains active it is a matter of subscribing to a contract and the few that had recording capability as well as live listening in really don’t do both well. The WiFi Listen and Record Plug with integrated voice recorder, on the other hand, uses a 2.4GHz local WiFi connection for live streaming remote control/setup and monitoring. It should be noted that most modern WiFi routers have 2.4GHz as an option and both can be set to run concurrently. Assuming that you have the 2.4GHz option available on your smartphones current WiFi connection then binding the device to the local WiFi is literally childs play.

Using an existing WiFi connection has many advantages, namely its global connection capabilities and no hidden costs or extras. What’s more, the system is easily controlled using the smartphone app, which is a free download, ensuring that the device can be managed whilst on the move. This app can be found within the Android Play Store and Apple App Store. So, providing you have access to a reliable, wireless Internet connection, you’ll be able to live listen and playback/download those valuable recordings from almost anywhere!

Voice Activated Recording – Alert Notifications

As you would expect from an advanced listening device it can be set either to record constantly or in response to noise in the surrounding environment (Sound activation) for periods of 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes per triggered activation. This means that when noise above a certain set level (adjustable in app) is detected, up to approximately 8 metres radius, recording will start and continue for the pre-programmed time setting. The device internal 32GB memory provides a sound recording capacity of up to 40 days, although the recording system features overwrite, meaning the oldest files will be overwritten when the storage is full
If alert notifications are set then at the same time an alert notification will be sent to the app on your phone, which then give you the option to listen in real-time. The alerts can be switched off in the app, if desired. Recordings are catalogued and can be downloaded remotely to your phone through WiFi. The aforementioned app is also capable of:

  • Control activation sensitivity and memory format
  • Switch notifications on and off
  • Delete recordings from the listening device’s memory
  • A cloud storage facility is also available as a cost option

Perfect Multi-Faceted Audio Surveillance Device

Longterm and versatility are the bywords here. The WiFi Listen and Record Plug is a product that ticks both record and listen boxes rather than having the need for two separate devices. This of course requires a location where there is a WiFi connection, for example at home, in the office, a warehouse or in a shop. This being a mains powered unit provides more extended deployment opportunities as opposed to having to be mindful of battery life limitations. Providing you are deploying the listening device for a lawful purpose, the situations that would suit using a voice recording device are only restricted to availabilty of a mains power outlet..

If you’d like to learn more about this impressive WiFi audio device, or any of our other listening devices, contact our team of experts today.

  • Working mains powered familiarly styled USB plug discreetly manufactured with and inbuilt WiFi listening and recording system
  • Remotely listen in ‘live’ from almost anywhere globally at anytime via smartphone app – download for free (iPhone and Android)
  • Utilises local WiFi connection for remote access – No SIM card and/or connection/call costs
  • Swift pairing with same WiFi connection used by your smartphone via app – simple compatibility using 2.4GHz connection
  • Record sound automatically for set periods of 1, 5, 10 or 30 minute periods (adjustable) or straight record without gaps
  • Push alarm notifications of audio events – recorded audio stored on enclosed 64GB memory card (40 days plus recorded file storage)
  • Time and date reference on each recorded file – ideal for evidence gathering
  • Loop recording facility – Download files from the WiFi Plug memory through the Smartphone App
  • Configure and alter recording modes and device setup through the smartphone app
  • Flash memory storage can sometimes corrupt – simply and remotely format the internal memory card via the app
  • Mains power means no battery limitations whilst connected to a mains power outlet
  • Plug and go technology – simply plug in and setup through the smartphone app
  • Hidden SSID means discreet – Despite WiFi connection there is no SSID transmitted during setup or operation
  • Microphone audio pick up range of approximately 8 metres radius – adjustable (low/medium/high)
  • No computer needed – Control/setup everything through your Android Smartphone or iPhone
  • Device renaming available – when you need to control more than one device
  • Supplied with full instructions and excellent customer support as always if required

Is this WiFi Listen and Record USB Plug completely covert and silent when it’s on?

Yes, the product has been designed for surveillance, so operates with absolute discretion with no outward signs that it’s anything but a normal mains USB charging plug.

Are there any built in LED indicator lights that would be obvious?

The electronics for the WiFI and recording system are all hidden within, so nothing is visible externally. The mode of operation is controlled purely through he app on your Smartphone.

With so many recordings, how will I know when audio events have happened?

Each recorded file is time and date stamped, so it is easy to catalogue events. You can download the files through the app that you want to retain and these too will keep the time and date referencing.

If the device is unplugged from the mains power supply or it gets switched off, will it still work for a while?

Because of the compact nature of the WiFi Listen and Record Plug there is no room inside for a backup battery, so unfortunately as soon as the mains power is disconnected, the connection and functionality will discontinue.

If the WiFi Audio Plug is disconnected from power, will the settings be retained or will it have to be setup again?

The settings are retained, albeit when the plug is powered up again it does return to setup mode for five minutes and as long as this fresh setup procedure is ignored, the original (previous) settings will then resume.

  • You will need to have access to a smartphone (Android or iPhone) to be able to use and control this device.
  • The product is controlled via a free app that will need to be downloaded and installed onto your smartphone
  • The WiFi Listen and Record USB Plug needs an accessible WiFi connection to work in the environment in which it is deployed
  • If your WiFi is only set to 5GHz then you will need to switch on the 2.4GHz connection on the router as this device only operates on this frequency.
  • You will not be able to link this device to a WiFi network where there is a sign up facility such as the type used in hotels and public spaces.
  • This product is purely run from a Smartphone – no computer is required to run the remote listening and download functionality