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GSM Phone Charger Listening Plug

Product Code PCL1

Latest 4G version of this very popular mains-powered GSM listening device. A fully-functional USB mains adapter with a powerful GSM audio unit and built-in microphone with remotely switchable voice activation facility.

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This is a fully working 3-Pin (or 2-Pin) USB Mains Charger Plug that conceals a 4G GSM unit capable of receiving covert calls to allow real time audio monitoring. This harmless looking mains adapter listening bug is perfect for both home and office, blending in to it’s surroundings seamlessly.

Mains Powered Listening Bug – Totally Discreet in Use

The GSM Phone Charger Listening Plug can be simply plugged into any ‘live’ style mains socket available to remain permanently powered, waiting for you to call in at anytime, from anywhere. The SIM card inserted inside the mains charger listening bug can be called from any phone, so no other specialised equipment is needed to make it work. This GSM listening bug will not make any sound or give any indication as to what is happening, but will simply auto-answer the call and activate the very sensitive microphone enabling you to hear what is going on around it.

Superb Clarity Microphone – Wide Listening Radius

The superb microphone is powerful enough to pick up normal speech level sounds within a radius of up to 6 metres from the device. This means that even if the listening device was plugged in under a desk or tucked out of sight, it would still very easily be able to react to sound in any normal sized room that it has been placed. With incredibly crisp, clear audio you won’t miss a word whether it’s checking that your staff are not messing about or checking on an elderly relative.

Fully Functional GSM Listening Bug – Charge Any USB Device

The USB outlet on the plug functions as normal, which means that it is possible to use it to charge a phone or any other device that uses a standard USB charging lead. This essentially puts the GSM Phone Charger Listening Plug completely ‘above suspicion’. It can be left plugged in a 3 pin socket with a USB wire attached or without, the choice is yours.

Listening-in – A Listening Device Without Limitations

There is no limitation on the distance from which you can call the listening device, because in reality it is just like calling another mobile phone. If you don’t use remote commands you will not need any credit on the SIM card within the unit to be able to listen-in (some charges may apply if you call in from an international phone). This listening bug is very discreet, simple to use plug-and-go technology, so it’s easy to see why this product is becoming one of our most popular mains power GSM bugs. Contact us if you would like a demonstration on this device.

Three Plug Styles Available

There are 3 variations available for this product; A white 3-Pin UK style plug with single USB port outlet; a black 3-Pin UK style plug with single USB port outlet; a black European 2-Pin style plug with a single USB outlet. The type/colour is selectable from the package options menu. Also see images to view excatly the style, etc. you should expect.

  • White or black common looking UK 3-pin USB mains charger plug (or European 2-Pin) cleverly fitted with smart GSM module
  • This GSM listening bug has unlimited surveillance distance – dial in and listen from anywhere in the world.
  • Fully functional UK 3-pin mains adapter – will power/charge USB powered devices (requires USB cable)
  • Standard UK mains power supply – input 200-240V AC
  • GSM module is Quad-band GSM 850Mhz, 900MHz, 1800Mhz or 1900MHz
  • Knowles microphone with awesome clarity- ported electret-condenser with FET amplifier
  • Totally discreet auto-answer – No giveaway signs whatsoever with this listening bug
  • GSM internal antenna – 4G network capability
  • Supplied with a UK SIM card, but should be changed to international SIM for country of deployment (if required)
  • This listening device should accept any micro size active SIM card from any country
  • Audio pick up effective range for normal level speech of up to 8 metres (25 feet) radius

Will the GSM listening bug work as a standard USB mains adapter plug?

Yes, it will power devices plugged into it (using USB lead) whilst working as a listening device.

How sensitive is the microphone?

The microphone should easily pick up sounds in a radius of up to 8 metres in quiet environment conditions.

Does the listening bug call me if it hears sound where it is plugged in?

No, it will not call out. It can only be used to call in an listen.

Will the GSM bug still work if it is unplugged from the mains power supply?

No, the unit has no back up battery, so you will not be able to listen in when disconnected.

Does the listening device come supplied with a SIM card?

Yes, we normally supply with an EE SIM card, but this can be easily changed over when you receive the GSM unit if required.

Does the GSM Bug make any noise or are there any indication that it is being used as a listening device?

There are no giveaway signs whatsoever.

Can This be actually used to charge a mobile phone?

Yes, in fact it can be used to power or charge up many standard USB/USB2 devices.

Consider the Following When Using this Listening Bug:

  • You will need a working phone (mobile or landline) to enable you to listen in to the bug.
  • If the supplied EE SIM card is not ideal for your location, then this will need to be replaced with an active SIM card of your choice to suit the location or your own needs as to network suitability.
  • If changing the SIM card then you will require a Watch back opening tool to open up the plug to access the SIM card inside – one is normally supplied.
  • This GSM listening bug is NOT battery powered and must be plugged into a mains power outlet that is switched on.
  • To be able to take advantage of the voice activation facility on this version of the device (if you choose this version) the SIM card inside the Double Adapter will require credit or will need to be a contract SIM. The SIM card supplied in this covert listening device does NOT have credit on it and as such it is not possible to use the voice activation facility unless you put credit on this SIM.
  • Plug is available in White or black in UK style 3-Pin or black only in European style 2-Pin plug