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Voice Recorder Watch

Product Code VRW1

This modern looking digital wrist watch provides the ideal wearable voice recording solution. With high quality audio, sophisticated features and excellent battery life for daily use, the Voice Recorder Watch means that the wearer can record important events on-the-go with complete discretion

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A recent addition to our wide range of listening devices, this modern-looking digital wrist watch provides the ideal wearable voice recording solution. With its high-quality audio, sophisticated features and excellent battery life for daily use, the Voice Recorder Watch allows the wearer to record important events on-the-go, with complete discretion.

The Voice Recorder Watch is a modern looking timepiece with an OLED display and superb audio recording functionality, that can be worn on the wrist in a normal manner or can be used as a standalone recorder with strap detached.

Stylish Smartwatch With Superb Voice Recording Functionality

Over the last decade, the smartwatch has become an essential accessory for a lot of people. Because of its growing popularity, it would be virtually impossible for anybody to notice you are wearing a recording device.

The Voice Recorder Watch has a basic screen display resembling that of an everyday smartwatch, but has an inbuilt, tiny voice recorder with amazing functionality that enables the wearer to secretly record meetings and other events without drawing any unwanted attention.

The dark OLED display screen can be set to either show the time and date or remain switched off with a blank screen. The strap is rubberised and designed to fit a range of wrist sizes and can be removed completely, which is necessary to enable offloading of recordings, but is also useful should you wish to use the watch face as a standalone voice recorder.

Superb Audio Clarity and Microphone Pickup Range

As with the majority of our audio recording products, you can expect pin sharp audio clarity on the recordings that you make with this high quality Voice Recorder Watch. The microphone has been designed to pick up noise within a wide radius; typically up to 10 metres when in a quiet room environment.

With adjustable recording sound quality and microphone sensitivity functionality available, it is easy to obtain optimal results from any recording situation, whether it is one-to-one with a subject or with others in a meeting.

Voice Activated Recorder Capabilities

It is also possible to set the recording mode to with or without voice activation (sound activation) and adjust the voice activation trigger level. This refers to the noise level at which the recorder will start a new recording automatically, thereby reducing the occurrence of normal ambient noise triggered recording.

Of course, the watch could be left unattended and set to voice activation to record what is happening or said whilst you are absent from the room.

Ample Storage Capacity – Simple Operation

With an internal memory of 8GB there is more than ample capacity to suit a variety of situations, although this does depend upon the quality mode setting. You can also expect the following features:

  • A maximum available storage space of 1152 hours (48 days) in LP mode, meaning there is no need to always offload recorded files between deployments.
  • The internal small 180 mAh lithium battery can be fully charged in an hour and is able to power the recorder for up to 33 hours in LP, SP, HQ with OLED display off and up to 20 hours when switched on, so more than enough for a number of deployments.
  • All recording operations are controlled by a single button located on the right side of the watch, which only needs to be pressed once to start recording.
  • If the OLED display is switched on, a small ‘recording’ dot will show on the screen, so you can double check beforehand.
  • The battery icon progressively indicates what percentage of life remains, to ensure you don’t run out of power. After the battery has expired to a point where recordings are no longer possible, the watch will still keep time, as this requires much less power for this functionality.

Time & Date Stamp – Scheduled Recording Function

Like with many of our other audio and voice recorders, the internal clock can be set to ensure that each and every recording has its own time and date code, which is essential for evidential purposes, but also ideal for cataloguing of recorded files.

The programming of time/date and other settings is achieved by plugging the watch into a Windows computer using the USB connector (located inside the strap). Moreover, to ensure that a recording opportunity is not missed, a scheduled recording facility can be set. This allows the selection of a recording start time and duration in hours to be set. This feature can really help to program and forget as opposed to remembering to start recording before an event. If not required the scheduled record feature can be switched off.

Discreet & Effective Voice Recording For Different Situations

Whether you have a need to either audio record your whole day or just when it is essential to capture certain events, the Voice Recorder Watch is the perfect body worn solution. Discreet, feature rich and simple to operate, this product can be worn on the wrist or left unattended to record what has happened or been said whilst you are away.

A versatile voice recording solution that can be easily carried everywhere, every day if desired. To find out more about the multiple uses of voice recorders, as well as some situations that would suit using a voice recording device, get in touch with our expert team.

  • Water resistant modern-looking Wristwatch with sophisticated voice recording functionality and one touch recording
  • Designed for ease of use and discreet audio recording on the move with one touch recording start – never miss an event
  • High quality audio recording – Several modes: LP SP HQ XHQ PCM (705.6Kbps 16bit/44.1KHz in PCM mode)
  • Variable microphone sensitivity (3 settings) – Audio pick up maximum normal speech range of around 10 metres in quiet environment
  • Sound activated Vox recording or continuous (switchable) – 5 settings for voice activation triggering
  • Scheduled recording: Recording starts automatically at your preset time and continues for your preset period
  • Time and date stamp on recordings – each recorded file name reflects time and date the event occurred
  • Easy setup of time/date, Record quality, Vox on/off and sensitivity, Mic. sensitivity, Scheduled record program
  • Sound recording pickup radius of up to 10 metres – superb audio clarity
  • Watch face easily detached from strap – Can be used as stand-alone recorder
  • Recorder battery life: 33 hours in LP, SP< HQ – 27 hours in XHQ, PCM setting/li>
  • Internal rechargeable 180mAh lithium battery – 1 hour recharge – battery level indicator shown on display
  • Discreetly placed inbuilt USB charge/media offload connector (underside of strap)
  • Recording storage capacity in hours – LP: 1152, SP: 576, HQ: 288, XHQ: 144, PCM: 24
  • Clear 0.96 inch OLED Display (black when no information displayed)
  • Playback files on Windows PC or Mac – Time/function program setting on Windows ONLY
  • Included in box: Watch, detachable watch strap, instruction manual

Is the watch silent and discreet when in recording operation?

Yes, the watch is entirely digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention in any way.

Are there any flashing lights that would indicate that the device is recording?

When the device is switched into record mode a discreet dot shows on the watch OLED display, but otherwise there is no indication that recording is taking place that would inadvertently grab someone’s attention (Rec indicator can be set to off in settings).

Do the audio recordings have a time and date stamp that would help if needed for evidence or cataloguing them?

Yes, the watch can be programmed to show a time and date for each recorded file. This can ONLY be set up on a Windows computer although playback of recordings can happen on both Windows and Mac machines.

Is there any way to change what is shown on the OLED display ?

Yes, there are two options in the setting (when connected to a Windows PC) that allows the display to be completely off or if on, have a different layout option.

How easily can the recordings be played back? 

Recordings can be played back through computer speakers by plugging into the USB connector on the inside of the watch strap into a Windows or Mac computer. No special software is needed to play the media files.

What other special features does the recording watch have?

Through the settings menu where time/date is set, the following can be changed VOS on/off and level, sound quality, microphone sensitivity, display and even a scheduled recording function.

Does the watch still retain the display time setting even when the battery life to record has depleted?

After a certain point the rechargeable battery will be unable to provide enough power to make a recording, however the watch should still keep its display time for an extended period because it required a lower voltage output from the battery.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • There is no special password system to restrict access to recorded files.
  • It is recommended that lithium batteries are charged and fully discharged regularly to keep them in optimum operational condition.
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop and to access the settings menu it is best to use a Windows computer.
  • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files (standard on most Windows and Mac computers). It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.
  • The watch body is quite thick which means that there maybe difficulty in wearing it with a dress shirt/blouse with tight cuffs.