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The Multiple Uses of Voice Recorders

Adrian Mudd   March 11, 2013

Sound recording has been around in various forms for many years. Here we discuss the modern usage and the importance of voice recording technology. We’ve seen first hand the multiple uses of voice recorders, from our highly valued clientele. The history of the voice recorder is an inspiring tale leading from the first recorded voice to music to talking dolls then on for use in skulduggery, betrayal, gallant rescues and crime prevention.

The latest sound recording technology is now being put to use by the average man on the street. No longer the private resource of the historic private detective, the accurate recording of sound has become a desirable commodity to men and women alike.

Common Uses of Voice Recorders

The cheating husband has every reason to fear discovery since the invention of miniature microphones. Conversely, the cheating wife should beware for they too can unknowingly provide evidence of their cheating ways. Audio Surveillance can be secreted within any environment whether it be a car or tree or building but let us not get paranoid there are other uses for the sound recording device. Up to date voice recorders can save you thousands of pounds if you believe examples set by distrusting car owners.

There are tales of suspicious car owners who slip miniature bugging devices into their precious vehicles prior to sending their wheeled investment to the garage for repair or servicing. The cheating service provider should beware of the power of a voice recorder. Recording sound alone may not be enough for the sleuth who wants additional information. Actions and words together form a powerful method of communication and what better way to gather evidence than by pairing a voice recorder with some form of visual camera recording.

Sound and vision recordings have many uses, not least as a training resource for adults and children or as a means to collect memoirs and maybe evidence.

Audio Surveillance Has no Limits

A brief look through the news of the day in any week will reveal little nuggets of information involving some form of voice recording whether it be via the television screen a computer or a telephone. Technology is no barrier when it comes to age for the sky is the limit when it comes to users of the recorder. This is ably demonstrated by the proliferation of toys available around the world where children record their own voices to play back at the simple squeeze of a paw although one wonders at a society which has to teach empathy to animals through the use of technology.

When it comes to teaching the many thousands of children who are home schooled around the world their education benefits hugely from the development of audio surveillance. They use both live and pre-recorded sound as a learning tool and to gather evidence of their capability during oral exams.

One cannot discuss the use of voice recorders without a final mention of the person accredited as the father of voice recording himself, the venerable Thomas Edison whose desire to innovate has led us from choir to cheating husband to the education of future great minds.

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