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    Fitness Watch Voice Recorder

    Product Code WVR3

    This sleek looking fitness watch incorporates a voice recorder function to allow recording of the surrounding environment, but still functions as a basic fitness monitor and timepiece. Perfect for the discreet recording of meetings or interactions ‘on-the-go’, this is definitely one of our most versatile listening devices.

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    It’s almost impossible to find a voice recorder that can be worn in almost any situation without drawing any attention. However, the Fitness Watch Voice Recorder is clearly a perfect solution and, because of its compact dimensions, it’s even ideal for people with smaller wrists.

    Sleek & Discreet Spy Watch With Voice Recorder

    In this modern age, it is very common to see someone wearing a smartwatch or a fitness watch in any setting, so including a well designed recording device as part of the functionality is perfect for monitoring important conversations whilst on-the-go. The screen has a digital display that will remain blank, but by default when a button is pressed the time/date is displayed. The hidden voice recorder also includes a step counter for authenticity, albeit we cannot verify the accuracy of the step count functionality. The charge port and microphone hole are very discreet and the spy watch is light, with a rubberised strap making it comfortable to wear and forget. When the device is set into recording mode, there are no indications that secret recording is taking place.

    Clear Audio Recordings – Excellent Microphone Range

    The spy watch will generally be used to record in a meeting or a one-to-one situation, where other participants are in close proximity to the wearer. The microphone has a respectable normal level audio pickup range of approximately 6 metres, which is certainly ample for the majority of scenarios. The clarity of the recorded audio is such that it should be easy to understand what is being said by who and what is happening in the environment, such as other ambient noises. Of course, it is not always necessary to wear the watch to achieve a covert recording. The watch could be left unattended (after starting recording) to record what is being said whilst the user is out of the room. As well as straight recording, it is possible to set the device to sound activated recording, which again is ideal for when the watch is left unattended.

    For more amplified recording, our spy watches work well in conjunction with any of our Microphones and Amplifiers, for example the Pen Microphone.

    Simple Recording Operation – Good Recording Storage Capacity

    When equipment goes digital, many get deterred from purchasing because they feel that they will be unable to use the technology, but this spy watch with voice recorder is very simple to operate. Starting and then subsequently stopping the recording is achieved by a single button press. Whilst most situations will only demand relatively short periods of voice recording, such as in a meeting when the maximum recording will likely be a few hours at a time, it is still reassuring to know that the 8GB internal storage capacity can store up to 96 hours of recorded audio. This can be played back through the supplied earphones or by connecting the Fitness Watch Recorder to a computer, using the provided USB connection lead. When playing back directly through the earphones, it is possible to fast forward and fast reverse recordings.

    Time & Date Recordings – Ample Battery Life

    Each time a recording is made, the time and date is referenced to the recorded file, which assists in collating and presenting as evidence. The watch is powered by a small internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can provide up to 30 hours of recording power and up to 30 days standby time, when it’s not being used as a voice recorder. The battery is easily recharged via the discreet bezel port (hidden by a discreet cover) with full charge being achieved in an hour via USB charge connection. It should be noted that when the battery is fully discharged, the time/date/step function will also cease to function, so will therefore need to be reset again. That said, as long as the spy watch is put on charge before the battery has been fully used, the time/date should remain functional and there will be no need to set this up again.

    • Secret voice recorder accommodated into a simple and elegant design in the form of an everyday fitness watch
    • Digital LED display for time, date and step count functionality (accuracy not tested)
    • Simple to operate – one button push into straight record mode and one press to stop
    • Sensitive integrated microphone with, on average, a 6 metre pick up range in a quiet environment
    • Set to straight recording or voice activated recording mode
    • Discreet operation with no beeps or flashing lights to alert unwanted scrutiny
    • 48KHz sampling rate providing excellent audio clarity in a WAV format
    • Up to 30 hours straight sound record time – 30 days standby time (with optimally charged battery)
    • 96 hours total recording capacity (8GB internal memory storage)
    • Time and date referencing on each recorded file – suits evidence gathering purposes
    • Recordings can easily be played back, stored, archived or emailed – playback format MP3/WAV/WMA
    • Fast charging time of approximately 60 minutes or fastest with Mains USB Charger Plug (supplied)
    • Supplied with earphones for playback and USB connection lead as standard
    • Playback/ fast forward/rewind recordings directly on the watch – listen with supplied earphones
    • Transfer recordings to a connected computer using supplied USB lead, for storage and later playback
    • Compatible with all Windows systems including Vista, 7, 8 and 10 and Mac OSX
    • Time and date setting Not compatible with Mac OS
    • Unit dimensions: 45 x 38 x 8mm (watch face) adjustable rubberised strap— extremely lightweight

    Can this recorder still operate in recording mode when on charge?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to make recordings when the watch recorder is being charged. The device is designed to be worn and therefore operate from internal battery power.

    Is the device silent in operation?

    Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would attract the wrong kind of attention.

    Will the voice recorder be affected when it is on the wrist?

    generally no. The microphone is placed so as to be still effective when the watch is worn. The only issue could be from the watch rubbing against the inside of a sleeve or when it is covered by a coat sleeve, which then would reduce microphone pickup range very slightly.

    How can the recordings made on the fitness watch be played back?

    Recordings can be played back through supplied earphone directly from the watch or through computer speakers from the device or after the recorded files have been transferred to the computer.

    Does the recorder make a sound when the battery expires or are there any flashing LED’s??

    No sounds are made by the recorder at any time during operation or when the battery expires. There are no flashing LED lights.

    If the battery runs out when it is still deployed in recording mode, will the recordings be saved?

    The voice recording device will auto save any recording onto the internal memory before the battery goes completely.

    Consider The Following With This Recorder:

    • Recording times and battery life can be affected by adverse temperate.
    • This is not designed as an all singing, all dancing fitness watch. As such, the watch fits the appearance of the genuine article, but cannot link with phone apps and provides very little ‘fitness’ information.
    • There is no special password system to restrict access to recorded files on this device.
    • You will need a computer with speakers attached if you wish to playback recordings through a PC or laptop.
    • You will require media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It may be worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.