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    Executive Voice Recorder Spy Pen

    Product Code PEN2

    This stylish executive fully functional pen has an in-built voice activated audio recording system. As one of the most sleek recording pens on the market, this device is the size of a normal pen and contains a slick LED readout display that switches off during recording.

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    This is a sleek and stylish executive type functional (writing) spy pen combined with a powerful voice recorder. Perfect for discreetly recording meetings, as a ready dictation device or as a stand-alone covert sound activated audio recording pen.

    Easy to Use – Discreet LED Display and Functionality

    Starting and stopping recording on this spy pen recorder is as simple as sliding the clip down and up. There are no additional fiddly switches or the need to unscrew the pen to access a switch mechanism. At the top end of the pen built into the curved surface is an incredibly discreet darkened plastic LED display. As soon as recording is started the LED readout will disappear (if set to do so), at which point it is almost impossible to notice the inclusion of an LED display without extremely close examination. There are no sounds or flashing lights when recording starts, stops or is progress and the pen could easily be used to write with whilst discreet audio recording is underway, without alerting attention.

    Rechargeable Internal Battery – Superb Microphone

    The recording system is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. Charging of the battery, switching of settings and offload of recorded files is achieved by plugging the supplied USB lead into the discreet hole on the very top of the pen. The recorder has a very sensitive microphone allowing the device to record sounds in a radius of up to 8 metres and with a battery life after a full charge of up to 12 hours and voice activation facility as an option.

    Wise Choice For Discreet Recording or a Gift

    It is clear to see that the spy pen is suited to a variety of situations were covert or discreet recording are necessary. Add onto this the large 140 memory capacity and standard wav file recording format and it is obvious why this recording pen is the choice for many executive customers. It can also be the pick for customers wishing to purchase that ‘special gift’ for someone who either has everything or who loves gadgets, especially the spy variety.

    All Accessories Supplied – Windows and Mac Ready

    The Executive Voice Recorder Pen is supplied with USB charging/transfer cable, a setting controller, a set of headphones for discreet playback of recordings without the need for a computer connection and also extra pen refills. This product is both Windows and Mac compatible and no specialist software is required to transfer recorded audio onto your computer.

    • Stylish executive pen with in-built audio recorder – sleek black aluminium construction
    • Completely silent in operation – no giveaway sounds whatsoever
    • Simple pen clip slide switch activation – no fiddly and indiscreet switches
    • Easy to read OLED file counter display (can be switched off)
    • Switchable voice activated or manual recording modes
    • Large file storage capacity of 1GB internal flash memory
      • 130 Hours in Long Play Mode
      • 65 Hours – High Quality Mode
      • 16 Hours – Extra High Quality Mode
      • 3 Hours – PCM (CD quality mode)
    • Battery life – approximately 12 hours in recording mode or 8 hours in playback mode
    • Recharge time – 2.5 hours approximately (charges fromWindows computer)
    • Clear microphone pick up radius – up to 8 metres
    • Compact pen dimensions – 11mm thick x 140mm long (weight is 18g
    • Compatibility – Windows 2000 or higher including Windows 8 and also a Mac running OS X
    • Accessories – remote wired setup controller, earphones, USB cable, instruction manual
    • Also supplied with extra replacement pen refills for regular use
    • Ideal for discreetly recording meetings or deployed as a stand-alone covert recorder and as a personal stylish carry-anywhere dictation machine

    Can this recorder still operate in recording mode when on charge?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to make recordings on the Pen when it is connected to a charge outlet. The device is designed for stand alone operation from its internal battery only.

    Is the device silent in operation?

    Yes, the device is digital and there are no vibrations or sounds that would alert attention.

    Will the recorder still record if it is hidden away from view?

    Yes, the recorder will still pick up sounds from the environment, although if it is heavily buried out of site, the microphone effectiveness may be reduced. We have tested the product under a car seat and it was still effective.

    How can the recordings be played back?

    Recordings can be played back through supplied earphone or through computer speakers from the device or after the recorded files have been transferred to a PC.

    Does the recorder make a sound when the battery runs out?

    No sounds are made by the recorder at any time during operation or when the battery expires.

    If left to record in voice activation mode, will the LED display keep lighting up when actual recordings start?

    No, when actually in record mode the LED display can remain off to ensure covert recording capability.

    If the battery runs out when it is still deployed in recording mode, will the recordings be saved?

    The device will auto save any recording onto the internal memory before the battery goes completely.

    Do I need any special software to transfer recordings onto my computer.

    No, this new version acts like a flash memory and therefore (unlike our previous version) no software is needed to transfer the files to the computer.

    You will need to consider the following to use this piece of equipment:

    • The recorded files on this device are not password protected, although you will need the right (supplied) USB lead to connect the pen to a PC to retrieve audio recordings.
    • You will need a Windows computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop, although recordings can be played back through supplied earphones.
    • Although no special software should be need to playback recorded files, you will require media player on the computer to achieve this. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.