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A List of Spy Equipment UK Made Devices & Resellers

Thomas Devile   September 28, 2020

At Spy Equipment UK, we have a passion for manufacturing the most cutting edge and very best pieces of spy equipment. Our catalogue ranges from listening devices, to spy cameras, to many more surveillance solutions. Since our inception back in 2000, we have designed and manufactured countless spy products and have taken great pride in distributing them all over the world. In this article, we provide some information on our resellers and list the devices that we have manufactured ourselves, which are currently being sold.

Spy Equipment UK’s Resellers

You may have seen Spy Equipment UK made devices elsewhere online and that would be on the websites of our main UK resellers, Spy Master and Online Spy Shop. We have struck up a great relationship with these companies over the years and are always happy to provide them with our devices. This way, more people are likely to end up using our industry leading devices to help them gather the evidence they require or to discover the truth about something.

Spy Equipment UK products are also channelled through a number of other resellers, who predominantly distribute the products to parts of Europe and USA. From clever small hidden cameras to intuitive hidden recording devices, we create all types of products that can be used covertly in a range of situations. We are constantly developing new ideas and tweaking current devices to make them even better, so be sure to keep checking back to our website for the latest, exclusive product releases.

List of Spy Equipment UK Made Devices

We’ve arrived at our list of Spy Equipment UK made products, which can be found online and are distributed all over the world today. Here is our list of in-house manufactured devices, as of 2020:

  • First up is the evergreen Air Freshener Voice Activated Recorder – a fantastic recording device that can be used in any domestic setting. Records crystal clear audio without raising any suspicion.
  • The Cuddly Toy Voice Activated Recorder. Another piece of spy equipment made in-house that has been around for some years now. We have made several subtle changes to this product over the years to ensure it is still one of the finest out there. Available as either a Paddington toy or a Winnie toy.
  • Enduro Black Box Recorder – a fantastically effective voice recorder that has proved a massive hit with customers for several years. This piece of spy equipment still stands at #1 as our current and all-time best-selling product. At £198, this recorder really does provide users with tremendous bang for their buck. The device is either sold as an internal version (microphone contained within) or as an extended external microphone version. The latter is priced at £210 due to the extra part being included.

air freshener voice activated recorder cuddly toy voice recorders

  • Enduro 365 Recorder – a device derived from the original Enduro, listed above. The main difference is that the Enduro 365 Recorder is perfect for long-term deployment, as it has an amazing standby time of 365 days and a recording mode battery life of 344 hours. The ideal tool if a user suspects a delay in capturing their evidence. Also available as both an internal version and an extended external microphone version.
  • Discreet, nonchalant and unsuspecting… three extremely apt words for the Mains Socket Voice Recorder. Made here in the UK by our talented team at Spy Equipment UK. Once this device is fitted, who’s going to question its purpose in any building? This device encapsulates one of the staple principles of our manufacturing process – developing devices that masquerade as everyday items.
  • Spy Calculator Recorder (Voice Activated) – This device is a fully functioning calculator with extra special capabilities. The high quality built-in microphone can pick up sounds and voices up to eight metres away from its location of deployment. The device is also very efficient as it is voice activated, meaning users get no wasted memory space without audio.

desktop calculator recording device mains socket voice recorder on the angle

  • Another version of our most popular device, the GSM Enduro Live Listening Device differs from the other Enduro devices in the sense that it allows users to listen into the area of deployment in real time. Like the Enduro 365 Recorder, this device has fantastic long term capabilities and, as mentioned, provides users with a live feed of the recorded area; also available with internal microphone or with an extended external microphone, for an additional £12.
  • GSM Car Bug – residing in our extensive range of listening devices, this bug has been specifically designed for recording audio inside a vehicle. A recently updated product, this bug is one of the very best of its kind out there today. The device is usually covertly placed behind the dashboard of a vehicle and is hard-wired into a vehicle’s electrics. Another device ideal for long term deployment, providing users with the best chance of acquiring their evidence.
  • Onto a variation of our Spy Calculator Recorder. Introducing the GSM Calculator Listening Device, a clever unit that can be deployed anywhere around the home or workplace. The main difference between this device and the other calculator device is that it allows users to listen in live to the feed, much like the GSM Enduro Live.

enduro 365 voice recorder gsm car bug

  • Air Freshener WiFi Camera – an everyday air freshener with a sophisticated HD camera. The camera system in this device has been hand built by Spy Equipment UK. Capture the footage that you need in crystal clear HD with this air freshener. All footage has time and date stamping for evidential purposes.
  • Another household item that conceals some clever spy technology. The Carbon Monoxide Alarm WiFi Camera is non-functional as an alarm, but is certainly a great tool if you are looking to record events. This device is motion activated and allows users to view live footage or record it for later viewing. Watch the stream live from your smartphone or laptop, via a free smartphone app.
  • Onto our DAB Radio WiFi Camera. A relatively new device that has been a huge hit with those that have purchased it. This is a fully functioning DAB radio that has an advanced WiFi camera system built within. Listen to your favourite songs and radio stations when you’re near the device and capture footage of the area of deployment when you’re away. As with most of the devices that we manufacture, this product requires no specialist technical knowledge.

carbon monoxide alarm wifi camera dab radio wifi camera

  • Junction Box WiFi Camera – another of our in-house devices that has a high quality WiFi camera system within. While similar, cheaper devices will provide pixelated footage and restrictions on where users can view the footage from, our device provides HD footage and users can dial in to view the footage from thousands of miles away. Going abroad? No problem, users can view the footage from their new location.
  • PIR WiFi Camera – this PIR (passive infrared sensor) device also has our renowned WiFi camera system built in. With a pinhole camera installed into the face of the device, the spy cam is virtually undetectable and takes up a prime spot for capturing any footage. Ideal for complete room surveillance.
  • Next up in our list of Spy Equipment UK made products is the Smoke Alarm WiFi Camera. As with most of our devices, this product has a password protection feature, meaning secure user access is guaranteed. Just one of the covert features that ensures your security when using our spy equipment.
    Smile for the camera!
  • Our Photo Frame Camera comprises a sophisticated spy camera system, installed and hidden within the actual picture. The pinhole cam has a video resolution of 1280x 720p and the camera view angle is 62 degrees.

photo frame camera some alarm wifi camera surveillance tool

  • Air Freshener Camera / DVR – HD – The DVR version of our air freshener product has three core functionality elements; an HD pinhole camera, a high capacity digital recording system and a long battery life (3 days of deployment on a single charge). Users can charge the battery from their PC or mains outlet while a USB cable and mains adapter are supplied as standard. Buyers can upgrade internal memory storage to 64GB for just £6 extra.
  • HD PIR Camera / DVR System – Another DVR device that we stock manufacture regularly and stock here at Spy Equipment UK. A key feature of this device is that it automatically switches to night mode, when lighting gets low in the area of deployment. Users will never miss a second of footage due to poor lighting or quality of camera. Internal memory storage upgrade to 128GB is also available with this device.
  • Junction Box DVR – completing our list of in-house manufactured spy products is the DVR version of our junction box product. This device allows playback on both Mac and Windows computers. It also has gapless time split recordings, meaning a new recording is started every ten minutes. Internal memory storage upgrade available, as well as an extra changeable battery pack (£36).

junction box dvr hd pir dvr system

Interested in Becoming A Reseller?

If you have either an online or physical store that relates to the spy industry and would be interested in stocking some of our latest spy technology, please contact us today. We always welcome conversations with potential resellers and look forward to discussing the place that our spy devices could take on your shelves.

Equally, get in touch with us if you are interested in purchasing any Spy Equipment UK made product and have some questions about the devices. If you are part of an organisation that wishes to buy spy products in bulk, please check out our trade customers section. We are able to provide some fantastic deals for those who buy in bulk.