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Spy Phones Are Back!

Adrian Mudd   February 9, 2012

Yes, we noticed that Spy Phones proved to be a great hit for surveillance equipment buyers up until about two years ago and then their popularity waned a little. Here at Spy Equipment UK, due to popular demand, we have introduced two superb spy phone models to meet that demand.

Spy phones and spy phone software have been on the spy equipment scene for around eight or nine years now. I remember when the first spy phone software became publicly available. At the time I was involved in working a private investigator specialising in insurance fraud investigations, albeit undertaking many infidelity cases from private clients as well.

Demand for Spy Phones On The Rise

I had for time been receiving requests from private clients wanting to check on their partners as well as company managers who wanted to monitor suspected illegal activity of some of their employees. Many prospective clients wanted to monitor mobile phone activity, but at the time there was no solution available for this purpose despite it being technically possible to monitor mobile phone activity.

When the first spy phone software solutions arrived, they were simple offerings broken down into individual monitoring solutions, such as remote monitoring of SMS messages or remote monitoring of call logs.

As you can imagine the price tag for the very first software solutions was absolutely astronomical, being in the region of around £2,000.00 for a single monitoring file covering one aspect of phone activity.

Consider A Galaxy or Vintage Nokia Spy Phone

Within two years the technology had moved on at a pace, giving rise to interception of calls and using the phone as a bug by calling into it and listening in to the surrounding environment. All these features then became commonplace in a spy phone software package for Symbian OS handsets.

Then came the phones themselves with the software pre-installed. This had obvious advantage of making the technology more straightforward and accessible for customers

With different mobile phone platforms entering the market, selling software solutions became cheaper option for customers and Spy Phones with pre-installed software all but disappeared. Now, due to popular demand, here at Spy Equipment UK we have re-introduced two spy phones.

A Nokia 6120 Spy Phone with full interception facilities was first to be released, and we have followed that up with a Galaxy S7 Ultra Spy Phone; again with a full interception suite and with Galaxys being a very popular choice, we expect the latter will be a particular success story.