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Recording Your Mobile Calls

Adrian Mudd   April 29, 2011

Landline telephone and landline recorders have been around for years, but recording mobile phone conversations discreetly has always been difficult until now. Spy Phones make such surveillance easy, and we have the best, most technologically advanced in both the national and international market.

Some will argue that it is illegal to record a telephone call without notifying the other party or parties on the calls what you are doing and whilst technically this is true, there are some circumstances where it would be seemingly necessary to record a mobile phone conversation, especially to gather evidence to support a case with criminal aspects. Calls are also recorded regularly by financial services companies, insurance companies and the like. In fact, they are some are legally bound to record every conversation whereas others announce that the calls maybe recorded ‘for training purposes’. The fact remains that recording of the calls not only provides back up for the company, but also for the customer should a dispute arise over what was in fact said during a call. I know of one instance where details of a newly insured vehicle where passed to an insurance company over the telephone and when a dispute later arose over whether the correct registrations number was quoted during that call, the recording served to support the insured’s case, in fact the insured had spelled out the number phonetically and the insurers call receiver had written the number down wrongly

Spy Phones and Software

So, now that I have argued the case for call recording or call recorders it leads me onto the fact that Spy Equipment UK has recently introduced a superb new device that will enable recordings of mobile phone conversations to be made very easily – Spy Phones and Spy Phone Software, if you will. The ‘Cellcorder’ is a voice recorder that looks rather like a conventional compact mobile phone. This device links with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and provides a call recording facility that can either be automated or manually operated by the user.

The device has a 340 hour call recording capacity, with time and date stamped recordings and the option to add an announcement at the beginning of each and every call recording. This last feature is absolutely ideal for those who conduct official business on the move where call recording with a prior announcement is absolutely crucial. Later back up and storage on computer is easy.

Examples of Spy Phones from Spy Equipment UK

At Spy Equipment UK, we have a range of spy phones ideal for any situation, take the Galaxy S6 Edge Ultra Spy Phone, for example, a fantastically fresh and modern phone with outstanding spy capabilities. In addition to this incredibly easy to use and stealthy device, we also have others in our range, including the Nokia 6120 Spy Phone and the Samsung Galaxy A8 Spy Phone. We are here to help and to supply the best, modern and most effective spy phones. Contact us to discuss this issue in further detail or to arrange the provision of one of our phones.