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News Has Hit That Obama Gets a Spy-Proof Phone

Adrian Mudd   February 6, 2009

At the end of last month when President Obama won the right to keep his much-prized Blackberry, his victory set in motion a debate that raged in both the technology and intelligence worlds.

Security analysts were worried that the president’s phone would be as vulnerable as other Blackberry’s. This prompted a complete overhaul in the way that the phone operates. It can be deemed as being the ultimate Spy-Proof Phone.

What Is A Spy Proof Phone?

Spy Phone Software has been commonplace for a number of years now and Spy equipment UK has just released the very latest range of bullet-proof spy phone software, now offering solutions to suit an even wider range of phones than ever before. At the pinnacle of the new range is the SpyUltimate package giving benefits of text forwarding, live monitoring, call interception, plus two very special features: enabling the call and room recordings to be secretly forwarded to a pre-defined e-mail address.

Never before has such a comprehensive package been available. A world-beating spy phone software solution that puts all others in the shade.