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Landline Recorders In Demand

Adrian Mudd   March 20, 2012

You would have thought that with the advent of the mobile phone that the popularity of Landline Recorders would have decreased to such an extent that their demand would be almost non-existent. Current evidence shows that this thought is totally unfounded.

Prior to the advent of the mobile phone, the only serious mode of communication was the Landline Telephone. Almost every home had a telephone line and some even had two especially when business was also being run from the address. Over the last decade, as mobile phones have become more available and affordable, landline usage has dwindled somewhat. Some homes do not even bother getting connected to a landline as long as there is a decent mobile phone network coverage in the area. This is clearly evident when you look at the size of your local phone directory. Yes, there are many more people who have gone ‘ex-directory’, but also many who simply do not bother with a standard telephone connection at all – landline recorders are still an ideal option and a product type that gets clear, desired and quick results.

Rise in Landline Recorders in our Range

With dwindling home landline usage the demand for recording conversations on the home phone line would have been expected to fall in line with the reduced demand. and although there has been a major reduction in the requirement for Landline Telephone Recorders, they certainly have not had their day yet.

Landline Recorders have through new technology become far more powerful. The advent of the digital recorder meant that increased recording capacities became the norm. Now small recording units have huge capacities of over 100 hours, more than enough to meet even the most demanding requirements. Here at Spy Equipment UK, we have just launched our new Black Box Landline Recorder. This, as the name portrays is literally a digital recorder incorporated inside a discreet plastic box. Power is from an internal rechargeable lithium battery and with a capacity of 240 hours and deployment time between charges of up to 10 days, it is easy to see why this sleek unit is becoming so popular.

The Black Box Landline Recorder is to put it quite simply very easy to use albeit incredibly effective plug and play technology that even your Grandmother could use! Get in touch for more on landline recorders and view our extended phone monitoring range of devices.