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Spy Phones Uncovered

Adrian Mudd   July 13, 2009

Since the advent of the mobile phone communication has of course become so much easier. Of course easier, more accessible and varied communication options are now part of our everyday lives. As such, the mobile phone has become the leading key indicator that a partner maybe having an affair because it becomes the primary communication method of the parties involved.

More often than not a cheating partner will hide their phone away, have it switched to silent and/or not let the phone out of their sight. Many even sleep with the phone under their pillow! Others will have a second phone that they have hidden maybe in their car. Whatever the signs are, the fact remains that the mobile phone usage can also be their achilles heel.

Realising the potential, here at Spy Equipment UK we have developed a number of ways to capitalise on the illicit mobile phone usage. The cheapest method to gather information is by using the Sim Recovery Pro Deleted Text Message Reader. This relies upon the forensic recovery of messages that we stored on the SIM card, but have been deleted.

What Can Forensic Recovery Accomplish?

The content, time, date and number related to the message can be recovered. The device works if there has been data stored on the SIM Card. Unfortunately, not all phones store text messages in this way. The second method to gain advantage is to install one of Spy Equipment UK’s Spy Phone Software onto the phone. Spy Equipment UK sells software for a range of the latest Nokia phones. Software can monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, all calls and also will allow using the phone as a listening device when it is not on a call.

All of these function can be completed without the phone user being aware that the phone is being used in this way. Installation of Spy Phone Software does require having possession of the phone in question. The software is dispatched to the buyer attached to an e-mail, so the phone under scrutiny will need to be connected to a computer by cable or bluetooth to enable uploading of the Spy Phone Software from the Computer to the Phone. Once installed on the Phone, the software features can then be controlled remotely using another Mobile Phone.

Both of these products have proved crucial for our customers. As a result, they have been able to assess the situation and gain inside knowledge about what is actually happening. Why not do some of the Detective work yourself by checking out both of these products today to see how they can help your personal situation.