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The Ultimate Covert Gadget: How To Use A Spy Watch With Camera

Marianne   March 13, 2023

Recent advancements in technology have enabled the development of a range of covert gadgets, from Spy Camera Sunglasses and Video/Voice Recording Spy Pens, to a variety of spy watches with undetectable hidden cameras. The use of these spy watches is becoming increasingly popular as an effective means for surveillance, not only amongst professionals, but also individuals facing difficult circumstances at home or at work, who would benefit from capturing valuable video evidence, completely under-the-radar. This article will explain the features of covert spy watches with cameras, our spy watch products that we have in stock, as well as outlining how they can be used effectively in various scenarios. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is A Spy Watch With Camera?

Our spy watches are a popular product within our extensive body worn spy cameras range, due to their inconspicuous design and enhanced portability. With so many different types of watches available on the market today, it’s highly unlikely that anyone will identify a watch with a tiny hidden camera.

Spy Equipment UK’s range of high-quality spy watches have been carefully designed to allow the wearer to capture video and/or audio evidence without raising any suspicion amongst those around them, even in the most personal and challenging situations. The watches all have a built-in, high definition spy camera and internal memory storage hidden within the unit, which when combined, will allow the users to record hours of footage which can then be easily uploaded to your computer.

Not to mention, our spy watch collection has become even more sophisticated since the introduction of our newest voice recorder fitness watch, which now allows users to record clearer audio evidence from up to six metres away.

Spy Equipment UK’s Best Spy Watches

To give you a better understanding of how each of our spy watches work, and some of their notable features, we have put together a list of our bestsellers.


Aside from its stylish and classy design, the Spy Watch Camera / Recorder – HD is the perfect body-worn surveillance device for capturing the highest quality video and audio footage, covertly. For those predicting they’ll be recording for longer periods of time, this watch has 32GB of storage, which is enough for hours worth of footage. Some of its other benefits include:

  • All footage will be computer ready in an AVI format for easy upload and playback, with a time and date stamp on recordings
  • Extremely discreet design and the USB port is disguised as another button
  • Close range infrared capabilities, so recordings can still be made when in darkness. Infrared lights are also not visible to the human eye, to ensure recording is undetectable

Sports Spy Watch Cam / Recorder – £162.00 inc. VAT

sports spy watch

Another smart spy watch option is the Sports Spy Watch Cam / Recorder, a sporty looking wrist watch with a unique timepiece and, of course, a high definition built-in hidden camera, to allow the wearer to record covertly whilst on-the-go. The watch’s capabilities include:

  • Excellent storage capacity of 32GB for lengthier recordings
  • Versatile design that will blend into any scenario
  • Complete ease of use
  • USB connection cable to upload recorded and stored files to your computer – the connection port is hidden by a removable control button
  • Uses infrared technology so recording can take place when close to the target in lower light conditions
  • The microphone can be capped so that the watch can work effectively underwater

Smartwatch Style Spy Camera – £279.00 inc. VAT

Smartwatch Style Spy Camera White

If you’re looking for a reliable, on-trend, Smartwatch Style Spy Camera, then you’re in the right place. The Smartwatch Spy Camera can capture hours of top quality, smooth full colour video and audio footage and stores it within the internal memory storage that is hidden within the unit. Its other features include and are not limited to:

  • 32GB of memory storage capacity to record hours of footage in computer ready MOV format
  • Disguised as a popular smartwatch with a live digital display – the camera and recorders are virtually undetectable, even when closely examined
  • Simple to use, with all of its functions being controlled by a button on the side
  • Windows and Mac compatible for easy playbook – USB cable provided
  • Comes with P2P WiFi control and connectivity, meaning you can download a free app to connect your smartphone with the camera

If you have any questions about these spy watches with cameras, or any of our other savvy body worn cameras for any situation, then get in touch with us today.

When Might You Use A Spy Watch With Camera?

man hiking in mountains

Spy watches provide users with the ability to discreetly observe their surroundings without being detected. This is beneficial in situations where it would otherwise be difficult or impossible to get close enough to record audio or visual evidence. Anyone can use a spy watch – students, teachers, private investigators, travellers – no matter your technical expertise. Here are some example situations where a spy watch with camera would come in handy:

  • Criminal Investigations – spy watches with cameras can be an excellent device to use as part of a criminal investigation, as their inconspicuous design allows users to remain unnoticed while capturing valuable information that could help solve cases or uncover criminal activity. With their advanced features and accessibility, spy watches offer users the opportunity to stay one step ahead of the game of intelligence gathering.
  • When travelling – if you want to document your travels without having to worry about carrying a heavy camera, then a spy watch is a great body-worn alternative. Its lightweight design will provide ultimate comfort, so you can capture great memories without hassle, whilst on-the-go. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about bringing your expensive camera, which is more likely to be at risk of loss or theft when travelling.
  • Recording important meetings, interviews or lectures – for those attending an important meeting or university lecture but not wanting to write excessive notes throughout, a spy watch is the perfect solution. Spy Equipment UK’s spy watches can record hours of footage, which you can watch back afterwards, to ensure you don’t miss any important information.
  • Recording harassment or bullying – if you or a loved one is often victimised by bullies or exposed to harassment, perhaps at school or in the workplace, then consider a spy watch with camera, as you will be able to record sufficient, high-quality evidence which can be used to take matters further.

No matter the circumstances, Spy Equipment UK will have a suitable spy watch to meet your specific requirements. With the right product in hand, users can take advantage of its covert features to be prepared for any situation.

Discover Spy Equipment UK’s Spy Watches With Camera Today

If you are interested in purchasing a spy watch with camera, or any of the other hidden cameras in our collection, do not hesitate to contact us via email at or on 024 76 010588 and our team of experts will assist you further.

Our team at Spy Equipment UK is made up of former police officers and private investigators, as well as electronics engineers, technicians and security consultants, who all have a wealth of knowledge about each of our covert recording devices. We always operate with complete discretion and all enquiries are kept confidential. If you’d like to find out more about us and our experience, get in touch today.