Tracking Devices and Security

This section lists all tracking devices for use in tracking vehicles, assets and people utilising the very latest in GPS, GPRS and GSM technology.

Providing Security with a Tracker Device

We offer the very best tracker devices with built-in movement sensors to enable accurate real-time and historic tracking of vehicle. Our Covert vehicle trackers are extremely compact by design. The technology is encased in a purpose built enclosure with an external single switch and charging port, making the devices very simple to use. These covert GPS tracking devices have two very strong sleek magnets attached to the outside of the case to enable their attachment to the underside of vehicles. Tracking devices are frequently used by private investigators, fraud investigators, Bailiffs, company audit departments and private individuals to track single or multiple vehicles in a simple and efficient manner.

Our Asset Trackers are perfect for keeping track of high-value goods or packages. The latest sleek asset tracking devices are small and discreet enough to put in high value electrical items. Many are used to track high value packages by logistics companies. Our asset tracker has been used by TV companies on investigative reporting TV shows to track such things as waste and charity clothing. As a result of asset tracker use, large-scale fraud on a UK and European level has been uncovered. Asset tracking devices have been used in briefcases and bags for discreet tracking of a person.

We have personal or VIP GPS trackers. These are used for personal safety of lone-workers, teenagers and VIP's. Personal trackers allow not only tracking through GPS, but also emergency notification and communication to ensure the safety of the tracker user.

Top 5 Tracking Devices

GPS Evolution Vehicle Tracker

evolutionProduct Info

Micro Tracker

Micro TrackerProduct Info

Android Ghost Spy Phone Software

Android Ghost Spy Phone SoftwareProduct Info

BlackBerry Ghost Spy Phone Software

blackberryghostmain-copyProduct Info
Mystery Shopper
Counter surveillance sweep service
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