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  • Annual Renewal – Micro Tracker

    This is the annual renewal payment for Spy Equipment UK customers with Micro Tracker devices that utilise the supplied web/smartphone app tracking platform.

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    All Micro Trackers sold by Spy Equipment UK connected to the web and smartphone app tracking platform are sold with 12 months licence to use the platform as part of the price of the purchase of the tracking device.

    If you already own one of our Micro Tracker devices but your annual subscription to our tracking platform has expired, then this product will get you a further 12 months unlimited use of the web/smartphone tracking platform. This means that you will be able to continue to access up-to-date tracking information through your own secure login from any web-connected computer, tablet or smartphone.

    Here at Spy Equipment UK we continually try to update our tracking platforms to offer better features and a smoother experience for the user. Running servers for the tracking platform, purchasing up-to-date Google maps for the mapping console and ongoing technical support and back up from the Spy Equipment UK staff all feature in the annual licence fee cost.

    • Annual Renewal Fee for Micro Tracker web/smartphone app tracking platform
    • Grants a licence for customer to access their tracking console account for a further 12 months from date of payment
    • Gives customers a further 12 months back up and support for using the tracking panel
    • This is NOT an extension to the initial 12 month warranty on any tracking hardware purchased
    • You will receive a set of reminders for renewal starting from a month before it is due

    My current licence expires within a month. If I renew now, then will the fact that I still have time left on my current 12 months be taken into account/

    Yes, any outstanding time on your current yearly subscription will be added on rather like when renewing the MOT on a car before it is due, the additional time is rolled over onto the next year.

    What if I decided that I didn’t want to renew my licence when it was due, but instead wanted to leave the renewal for a period of time when I was ready to use my tracker/tackers again?

    This is not a problem. Your account would remain dormant until you were ready to renew. It is worthy of note, that if you have a PAYG SIM in the tracker then not using any credit at all may mean the network provider switching off the SIM card despite there being credit on it.

    You will receive a set of emailed reminders on the run up to the expiry, so it is a good idea that you supply an email address that you monitor on a regular basis

    You will need to consider the following for this product:

    • The 12 months licence renewal will run for 365 consecutive days from the renewal payment date. We cannot stop the licence for a period of non-use of a tracking device.
    • It is always good practice to contact the Spy Equipment UK office when you are to renew your licence just to ensure that we have all of the details to continue or re-activate an account.
    • If you have lost your tracking console login details we should be able to assist you, although we will need details to confirm that we are dealing with a previous customer.
    • We cannot put any tracking devices sold by another trader onto the Micro Tracker web/smartphone app platform.