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Bluetooth Covert Earpiece

The Bluetooth Covert Earpiece is designed to discreetly sit inside the ear and enable the wearer to hear and speak to someone remotely and discreetly either directly or when connected to a mobile phone or other bluetooth connected audio device. Designed for two-way communication.

Used by surveillance professionals, lecturers and sometimes actors for live performances, the Covert Bluetooth Earpiece is the ideal solution where the user needs to discreetly listen to audio or engage in discreet two way communication, but where earphones or a headset would be inappropriate.

The tiny earpiece is effectively a wireless earphone speaker that is very small and can be inserted into the wearers ear canal so even when viewed from the side, there will be no visible sign that the earpiece is in use. The Bluetooth Dongle has an induction neck loop that can transmit the audio received into the Bluetooth Dongle to the earpiece wirelessly. This model has an upgraded 4 watt transmiter providing much richer and more consistent audio. The bluetooth unit has an inbuilt microphone enabling two-way communication. This device is therefore ideally suited to covert surveillance operations where discreet communication is required.

The Bluetooth Dongle can be paired using Bluetooth radio frequency to another bluetooth audio device, such as a mobile phone. Or it can work alone if you put an active SIM card (with credit) in. All this means that someone can call and talk to the earpiece wearer without any physical phone attachment and with the need for the phone to be in view or if using with a SIM crad in the device itself, without the need for a phone on the person at all. Some MP3 players now have bluetooth facility which means for example that recorded audio can also be wirelessly sent to the Covert Earpiece wearer in a totally discreet manner, an ideal solution for lecturers and those making length speeches who require an aid/backup to the process.

No special connectors are required to link up the device with another bluetooth audio unit, which means that swapping between different compatible devices is made simple and is a matter of pairing the bluetooth radio connection.


  • Covert wireless earphone small enough to be completely hidden from view
  • Set up to receive transmitted audio from an inductor neck loop positioned in close proximity     
  • Powered from a tiny replaceable battery inside the earpiece itself
  • Realistic operating time for earpiece battery of around 6 to 7 hours
  • Batteries commonly available from many high street retailers and online
  • Bluetooth Dongle connected to neck loop can pair with different bluetooth audio devices
  • Dongle is powered by 1 x AAA battery. One is not included, but disposable or rechargeable batteries can be used
  • Dongle usage life with alkaline battery is 500 hours standby time and/or 15 hours talk (listening in) time
  • Supplied with one earpiece , bluetooth dongle neck loop and battery for earpiece
  • Perfect for Private Investigators, Intelligence Operatives, lecturers and maybe even actors undertaking live performances

Is any part of the earpiece visible from the outside when it is pushed into the ear canal?

The unit is very small and can be fitted deep enough into the ear canal so that it is not obvious and visible unless somebody looks directly down the wearers ear.

Can the earpiece connect to audio devices that do not have a bluetooth connection capability?

No, unfortunately this particular earpiece neck loop is designed only to pair with devices with bluetooth transmission protocol.

Can the earpiece receive audio feeds from more than one bluetooth audio device at any one time?

No, unfortunately as with most bluetooth devices, a live transmitting connection can only work with one device at any one time.

Does the phone or other connected bluetooth audio device have to be on the person of the wearer of the earpiece?

As long as the audio bluetooth connected device is within bluetooth range 9up to 10 metres, then it does not need to be actually on the earpiece wearer’s person, however, the nearer that the device is to the dongle, the better the audio feed will be.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • This particular earpiece is designed to deliver audio to the wearers ear. It is not a two-way communication device
  • This earpiece differs from the pure induction version of the device in that the neck loop does not have to physically connect to the mobile phone or other bluetooth audio transferring device. This means that no special connectors are needed.
  • This device is generally not suitable for use with personal radios as they do not generally have bluetooth capability. For a suitable earpiece for personal radios please see our Invisible wireless earpiece unit.

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