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Counter Surveillance

Bug Detection (Economy Ra...

You shouldn't have to empty your wallet just to keep your family safe. With our economy bug detection range,...

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Secure Communications

If you value security in your communications, this section is for you. Our secure communications products can...

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Specialist Bug Detection

Specialist bug detection products will give you the service you need if you are a professional PI, surveillance...

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Security Solutions

We provide only the best security products and solutions for use at home, in the office or in the car. Our...

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Telephone Tap Defeat

Discover if someone is listening in on what your family or your employees are saying on the phone with the...

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Counter Surveillance Swee...

Think you've been bugged? Have a hunch your phones have been tapped? Our counter surveillance sweep service will...

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Eavesdropping, wiretapping, monitoring and bugging, whatever you like to call it, we are all subject to surveillance these days

Best Counter Surveillance Solutions

Call it spy equipment or spy gadgets, even for the security aware, the amount of devices on the free market and the advance in technology, it is not surprising that many companies and private individuals are resorting to bug detection or countermeasures to combat the threat. Bug Sweeping or Bug Detection uses specialised radio frequency detecting equipment to locate any hidden surveillance equipment such as the whole range of audio bugs/transmitters, wireless cameras and hard-wired spy cameras.

Counter surveillance, TSCM or anti surveillance is these days big business. Many of us either feel the need or have to absolutely be sure that our privacy is not being breached by sometimes unscrupulous individuals who are after our information. Many celebrities have fallen foul to phone snoopers, Solicitors have to be completely sure that no information is being leaked, financial institutions are certainly duty bound to protect our data. If you have some information that will be of real value to somebody else or some other institution, then it may just be time to consider some counter surveillance equipment to maintain your integrity.

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