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    Digital Voice Recorder Pro

    Product Code DPRO

    This professional voice activated room recorder is very compact in size, has incredible sound quality and is supplied as standard with a clip on battery pack to extend battery life to 5 days or more! Ideal for a variety of audio recording situations.

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    This versatile and powerful digital audio recorder is the perfect device for a range of different situations. It has a large memory capacity large sound pick up radius of over 8 metres, amazing versatility and operational recording capacity. Easy to set up to suit your needs and simple to use, this product is ideal carry around recording solution.

    Tiny Dimensions – High Capacity Add-On Battery Pack Included

    The Voice Recorder Pro has been designed with exceptionally compact dimensions for this type of device, but despite this, power from it’s enclosed battery is still able to provide a stand-alone recording time of up to 16 hours (in LP mode). The product package does however includes a specially designed battery auxiliary pack that easily and neatly attaches to the recorder unit thereby increasing the recording deployment time. The Auxiliary pack requires 3 x AA batteries to be inserted to provide the additional capacity. This does provide extra versatility because it allows a quick changeover of batteries to enable a swift re-deployment of the recording device. With standard alkaline batteries, with optimal long term recording setup, this will power the recorder for up to 120 hours (5 days) – A longer operational time maybe achieved with higher capacity AA batteries. At the point that the battery expires, if the recording is taking place, the file will still be saved before the system shuts off completely.

    Large Memory Capacity – Password Protected

    The recording device has an inbuilt 8GB flash memory that will provide ample storage for recorded audio files. Although the device can be set to record CD quality audio, this really isn’t necessary for most scenarios so there are four longer recording capacity settings. In LP mode, the memory can store up to 1152 hours of recorded audio (this equates to 8 hours every day for 144 days). To keep the recordings safe from unwanted listeners the recorder has a password set to prevent playback and PC connection.

    Time and Date – Variable Sensitivity

    Each separate recording period is saved as another file (up to a maximum of 9999 per folder – 4 folders). This means that in voice activated recording mode a new file is created for each period that sound is heard although there is an overrun of 60 seconds so that if there is a small break in speech or sound around the device, then the memory will not create a separate file just because of a short interlude. This new Voice Recorder Pro now has time and date reference for each recorded file making it much easier to keep track of recording history timeline. This new product also adds the ability to alter the microphone sensitivity which provides the ability to set up the recorder to suit different environments where for example there maybe low level ambient noise that doesn’t need to trigger the voice activation system.

    Sensitive Microphone – Sound Filtering

    The Recorder Pro has an extremely sensitive built in microphone that has the ability to react to sounds (normal speech level) within a radius of easily 8 metres. The unit’s sophisticated noise filtering technology is designed to remove low band noise and emphasise voice band sounds. What this means is background noise is filtered out to a certain extent making speech content more prominent and this feature is also assisted by automatic recording level control and playback speed control guaranteeing the best quality files and audio playback possible. Five settings for audio quality and three for sensitivity provide ample options to get the desired recording quality for the circumstances of use.

    Windows, Mac and Linux Compatible

    The Recorder Pro uses all the common MP3, WAV and WMA playback sound file formats which ensure excellent compatibility with most media players. The system is flexible enough to work with all modern Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and the device is provided together with USB cable for offloading and playback files onto the computer and/or for mains power if required. There is a small inbuilt speaker and a set of earphones for playback preference and as standard the battery add-on pack is also in the box. As options Spy Equipment UK can supply a slick external microphone with a 1-metre cable and also a quality UK 3-Pin USB to Mains adapter if required (see options menu).

    • High quality compact digital audio recorder – totally silent in operation when recording
    • Built-in sensitive microphone plus additional external wired microphone – Can record standard speech level sound within an 8 metre radius
    • Recording time up to 16 hours internal battery – 5 days or more with battery pack (supplied)
    • Voice Activated and continuous record modes – LCD display for easy menu navigations
    • Recorder will record a separate file for each recording event – Up to 9999 files per folder (4 available folders)
    • Inbuilt 8GB flash memory storage providing a maximum capacity of up to 1152 hours (in long play mode
    • Recording modes – Best quality (PCM): 24 hours, XHQ 144 hours, HQ: 288 hours, SP: 576 hours and LP: 1152 hours
    • Adjustable microphone voice activation sensitivity (3 modes) – Noise Filtering (low band noise removal and voice band emphasis)
    • Automatic sound level control – Playback speed control, Section repeat, and Scan play
    • Password feature to block the playback and PC connection by unwanted individuals
    • File recovery : Recorded file is saved even if battery is discharged during recording process
    • Can record while powered through PC USB or USB AC adaptor and with/without included battery pack
    • Supports external microphone (without battery pack) – Optional microphone available on dropdown menu
    • Supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7,8,10 and Mac OS X
    • Compact dimensions: 65(W) x 19(H) X 15(D)mm – Weight: 18g without battery pack
    • USB Cable, Earphone and instruction Manual included in package

    How long will the device record for without the additional battery pack attached?

    The device will operate for up to 16 hours on the LP recording mode, but in the highest quality (PCM) mode the inbuilt battery will power the recorder for 12 hours.

    Is the device silent in operation?

    Yes, the device is digital and there are no moving parts or sound alerts that would alert attention.

    Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?

    The recordings do have a time date reference for each recorded file, so in voice activation mode each file will have a separate time reference. Time/date setting can only be done on a Windows computer.

    Will the recorder still record if it is hidden away from view?

    Yes, the recorder will still pick up sounds from the environment, although if it is heavily buried out of site, the microphone effectiveness may be reduced. We can supply an external covert wired microphone that allows the recorder to be completely hidden from view.

    How can the recordings be played back?

    Recordings can be played back through supplied earphones, the inbuilt speaker or through computer speakers after connection to a computer (Windows or Mac.

    Can I use this as a telephone recorder?

    We do not supply a UK telephone connector with this product, but actually do a another product that includes this recorder and the correct type of UK telephone recording lead

    Can I use lithium Ion AAA batteries in the battery pack of this recorder?

    Yes, these will work fine in the recorder and will extend usage time considerably. rechargeable AAA batteries are also fine to use

    You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

    • Although the device is supplied with a battery pack, batteries used in this pack (4 x AA) are not supplied, there is also an optional USB to mains power adapter available at extra cost (see dropdown menu).
    • We can supply a small external covert microphone with a 1 metre lead as a cost extra. If you require a longer lead, then please contact Spy Equipment UK by email or telephone to confirm your requirements.
    • A computer with speakers attached and a USB port is needed if wishing to playback recordings through your PC or Laptop. This can be a Windows or Mac OS.
    • A media player on the computer for playback of audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.