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  • Doorbell Spy Camera Chime System Launched!

    Adrian Mudd   June 4, 2015

    We are very pleased to announce the addition of an all new battery powered hidden camera to our range of room surveillance solutions. The quest to produce different covert camera solutions is often more complex than perceived. Choosing the right donor product in which to install a spy cam is the key factor and then fitting a system inside in a discreet manner often poses a challenge. We are regularly asked for spy camera solutions for entrance hallways so here we have taken an everyday front doorbell chime box and installed our superb 720p HD camera system within. The result is a simple to deploy and use, inconspicuous device that can gather video evidence automatically when activated.

    Doorbell Spy Camera

    Motion Detetection Door Camera

    The new Doorbell Spy Camera is the latest in a line of products that enable discreet colour video surveillance of a room environment to gather vital evidence and intelligence. Powered from an internal rechargeable lithium battery the system is a stand-alone solution that does not require any wired installation. The device after charging and switching on can be hung on a wall in your chosen location and left to gather motion-activated footage of events taking place within view of the wide angle lens. To offload the obtained video footage the unit can be removed from the wall, and connected to a Windows or Mac computer to offload/playback recorded files that have been stored on the internal memory.

    >>>Check out the doorbell spy camera chime system here

    Special Features

    • Simple to use ‘plug and play’ technology with no specialist knowledge required
    • Pre-programmed to record video on motion activation (video with audio) – The most common set up requested
    • High definition video resolution: 1280x 720p @ 30 Frames per second
    • Will record perfectly in daylight in colour – Auto-switching to night mode (black/white) when the lighting is severely reduced in the area in which it is deployed
    • Top quality CMOS pinhole lens – wide camera view angle of 62 degrees
    • Time and date stamping on video imagery – Suited to evidence gathering purposes
    • Rechargeable 3600 mAH lithium ion battery pack within – Providing power for up to 1 days deployment time (dependent upon activity in front of the camera)
    • 32GB digital internal memory capacity included as standard providing over 16 hours storage for recorded HD video footage – 64GB (32 hours) capacity available at extra cost
    • Through-the-lens motion activation – triggered when there is movement in front of the device
    • Program settings to suit your own requirements – scheduled, sound activated or loop recording modes are all available options
    • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 as well as Mac OS X – no specialist software required for playback

    So whether you want to see who enters and leaves your home and what time they did or what happens in the access area of a shared entrance hall when nobody is around, this piece of equipment is easily up to the job. If you want to find out more about this product than please contact us on 02476 010 588 today.

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