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  • Headset Voice Recorder

    The Headset Voice Recorder is designed to look like a bluetooth headset, but it is actually an audio recorder with a sensitive amplifying microphone ideal for certain situations where recording what is being said is essential, but discretion is required.

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    An adaptable little recorder that can be worn like a bluetooth headset (earpiece) or clipped to a pocket or bag to capture excellent quality recordings of meetings or even situations where there maybe some verbal confrontation

    Portable and Versatile Recorder

    Although this unit has been named the Headset Voice Recorder there are a number of ways that it could be used. The earpiece ear loop and earpiece can be removed very easily and replaced by a pocket/belt clip similar to the type that you would find on a pen. When the earpiece is clipped on the device it can be worn on one ear and will look exactly like a bluetooth headset or it could even be left on the side or a desk as a room recorder if desired. When the earpiece and loop are replaced with the clip is in place it would be easy to clip the device to a suit jacket pocket (with the recorder inside the pocket) or maybe attached to a handbag is some way, maybe in a pocket under a flap.

    Sensitive Microphone – Easy Playback of Recordings

    The Headset Voice Recorder has a very sensitive inbuilt microphone that has a pick up radius of around 8 metres and when worn with the earpiece a built in amplifier also enhances sounds being picked up so the user can hear a little more clearly. Recordings can easily be played back by connecting to a PC using the supplied USB wire, although it is also possible to playback recordings though the earpiece and there is a rocker volume control button on the top edge of the device to assist playback in this way. The recorder will work with both Windows and Mac computers and deletion of files can only be conducted when connected to a computer.

    Discreet Operation – Ample Storage

    Even when worn on the ear, the unit can be operated very discreetly using a switch that is incorporated into the side panel of the unit. There are two LED’s that illuminate to show the product operational state, but of course bluetooth headsets more often than not have LED’s on so this would not look out of place. The product has a 1GB internal memory storage which provides a recording storage capacity of up to 35 hours, ample enough for most user’s requirements. It is only possible to record a maximum of 99 individual files

    Decent Battery Life – Quick Charge Time

    Considering the very small dimensions of this recorder the unit only has a very small internal battery, however it can still power the unit in record mode for up to 6 hours and for up to 5 hours when being used to playback recordings. A full charge of the battery will only take about 2 hours, so downtime between uses is kept to a minimum. So if you are looking for a short term versatile audio recorder to suit various everyday scenarios then the Headset Voice Recorder is certainly well worth considering.