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This USB to mains power adapter is absolutely perfect for powering our Digital Voice recorder Pro

Although we offer these power supplies as an option with each of our digital high capacity recorders, sometimes customers identify a need for a more permanent power source after the event. This why we now offer this UK mains to USB adapter in our accessories section. Being able to get external power from the mains supply of course means no regular changes of battery and therefore fuss-free long term deployment to make use of the high recording memory capacity of the recorder.

This adapter has been tested to ensure that it is compatible with our recorders in that it does not cause any interference on the recorded files and it was singled out because its very slick design means that it takes up very little space and therefore lends itself to be plugged into wall sockets concealed behind furniture that would normally have to sit flush with a wall. This last fact opens up the possibilities of discreet deployment for the recorder unit when connected to mains power.

Spy Equipment UK's mains power adapters are ideal for when a voice / landline recorder needs to be powered on a long-term or permanent deployment when there is a mains power outlet available.

  • UK style 3-Pin to USB mains power adapter
  • Specifically selected for use with our 576 and 1152 hour recorders
  • slim flush fitting design means plugging into a socket behind furniture is made easy
  • 5V output power from USB port
  • No noise interference on recorded audio


Why can’t I just use any mains to USB adapter to power the recorders?

All Mains to USB power adapter should power the recorders, however, we had to test quite a number of devices to find one that did not cause electronic sound interference on the recordings

Does this adapter charge the battery in the recorder?

No, when connecting the Mains power supply the power source simply changes and the device obtains power through the USB connection as though it was connected to a computer 5V supply.

You will need to consider the following to use this product:

  • Although this may seem like a standard USB to mains power adapter plug, the device has been specifically selected for use with our 576 and 1152 hour voice and landline recorders. Many other USB to mains adapters will cause interference on the recording, but our unit does not affect the audio recording quality.
  • Unfortunately at the moment we can only supply these units in a UK style 3-pin configuration.

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