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PC Monitoring – The Future of Surveillance

Adrian Mudd   June 10, 2010

Since the advent of e-mail, instant messengers and social networking websites it has become a lot easier for people to chat and stay in touch across any distance. These advances have been herald as a golden age in communication and rightly so, there are however, some downsides and PC monitoring can be used against people. If abused it allows for even greater covert communication or means for dangerous individuals to contact vulnerable people.

For the D.I.Y. Detective there are a whole host of means for PC Monitoring to combat a wide range of issues. For the most basic approach to PC Monitoring, there is a range of physical, in-line Keyloggers for both USB and PS/2 keyboards. These units need to be connected to the end of the keyboard wire and then connected up to the back of the PC, the unit then records every key stroke entered into the keyboard. Once the unit has been retrieved it can be connected up to another PC and a report printed off.

Being Aware of PC & Computer Monitoring

Where something physical can’t be left in the PC, or its a Laptop, Keylogging software is also available loaded onto a USB flash drive or a chat stick. Simply plug the flash drive into the PC or laptop, whilst logged in as an administrator, run the 60 second installation, remove the flash drive and walk away. The computer monitoring software then sits, hidden on the target’s PC recording every key stroke entered along with periodic screen shots. The information is then recovered by plugging the flash drive back into the targeted PC and downloading the data file for review in a different location. Discover more about how things work via our dedicated Computer Keystroke Logger USB Nano and Data Shredder Software product pages.

Along with surveillance, there are also parental monitoring applications available with Software based PC Monitoring. This allows parents to monitor use of the the Internet, restrict Internet usage times, decipher instant messenger talk (lol = laugh out loud) and much more. The software is easy and simple to install and allows parents complete control and protection for their kids using the Internet.

Intelligent Computer Monitoring Software

As you can determine from the above, the D.I.Y. Detective has quite a few options at his/her fingertips for covert computer monitoring, internet protection and computer protection. Contact us to learn more about our computer monitoring software services and to discuss any of the products in our PC Monitoring line.