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Peephole Wireless Camera with Receiver Kit

This 5.8GHz Door Peephole wireless transmitting camera and stylish LCD receiver/recorder set has everything required for viewing who is at your front door for your armchair. The 5.8HGz range provides almost interference free signals.

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A complete system for short range remote monitoring of callers at the front entrance door of your premises. Remotely view and/or record if required live streaming video footage. Simple to set up, install and and easy to use.

For short range remote video surveillance wireless cameras have still got to be one of the best products available. Our latest 5.8GHz systems do not suffer from interference issues that affect previously offered 2.4GHz analogue equipment. This particular device is designed for remotely monitoring who calls at the door that the Peephole camera is fitted to. This can either be for ‘live’ monitoring and recording if required or for recording visitor history, maybe when there is concern that somebody who shouldn’t be attending is visiting whilst the property is unoccupied.

Outside the transmission range of the camera is approximately 100 metres (line of sight), but indoors with barriers such as walls in the way the realistic range is up to 30 metres. Generally this range is ample to cover remote monitoring of the front door Peephole camera. The camera is powered by a mains power supply, so there are no concerns about battery life. This means that colour video footage, with time/date stamp, will be beamed out from the camera constantly (when connected to the mains power).

Tiny Spy Cam with Recorder

The camera lens used in the Peephole Wireless Camera has a 90º wide angle which is ideal for getting a broad view of even a corridor outside the door in which the camera has been installed.

The camera works in extremely low light, in fact almost darkness, so there should be no issues in relation to sufficient lighting requirements on the outside of the fitted door.

The slick receiver/recorder that is robust, but very light to carry has a 5 inch LCD screen and a retractible antenna. Featuring up to eight receiving channels this unit can be used to monitor multiple 5.8GHz cameras (on differing frequencies) if required. Only one camera transmission can be viewed and/or recorded at any one time, but flicking through the camera channels is very easy. The screen has excellent clarity and the receiver/recorder unit can be powered by an internal rechargeable battery or left plugged in to the mains supply if required. The in-built micro SD recording system will take cards up to 32GB in size.

  • 5.8GHz Wireless receiver, LCD monitor and SD recording system in one unit
  • Supplied with one 5.8GHz 480 TVL CMOS wireless transmitting camera built into a smart brass ‘door peephole’
  • Video recording resolution of 720 x 480
  • Camera works in extremely low light conditions (0.008 lux)
  • Camera dimensions: 39mm long x 14mm in diameter - only 20g in weight made from brass
  • Powered from a mains power adapter - this is supplied with product
  • Additional 5.8GHz cameras available from the drop-down menu if required
  • 8-channel LCD Receiver unit with manual channel change switch
  • View and record video from the transmitted camera footage
  • Records this onto micro SD card system - accepts up 32GB card (not included)
  • Time and date stamp on video recordings for evidential purposes
  • Through-the-lens motion detection recording facility feature or straight recording (selectable on receiver unit)
  • Receiver has internal rechargeable 3200mAh Lithium battery providing up to 9 hours usage
  • Receiver is supplied with mains power adapter for charging and/or lengthy deployments
  • LCD Receiver dimensions: 131 x 86 x 18mm
  • Complete with connection leads for external monitor or TV connection if required 

Is the camera in the Peephole unit obvious from the outside?

No, the camera is discreet and there really is nothing obvious that would give it away

What cameras will the receiver work with?

This can receive signals from any non-digital 5.8GHz transmitting camera. Spy Equipment UK supply different covert camera options that match 4 of the 8 frequency channels.

Are the transmissions on a secure frequency?

No, the transmissions use standardised 5.8GHz frequency bands that can be received by other commonly available receivers.

Can more that one camera be received and recorded at any one time?

Only one camera can be received and recorded at any one time, but the different channels can easily be flipped between if more than one camera is transmitting (on a different frequency).

Can I view one camera transmission whilst recording another on a different frequency that I am not watching?

No, this is not possible. You always have to record on the channel to which you are tuned into.

Can two cameras be received on the same frequency?

If two cameras are on the same frequency in range then the sent video imagery will be overlaid and as such the received footage will be unclear.

Can other devices interfere with the transmissions?

The new 5.8GHz frequency range has not been officially allotted for use with any other wireless device in the EU, so transmissions should be relatively interference free.

Do I need any special software to playback the recorded footage from the SD card on my computer?

There should be no problem, but if your media player does not have the correct codex for playback then it is very easy to download a FREE media player that will play all formats such as VLC Media Player.

You will need to consider the following to use this equipment:

  • This unit is supplied with a 2GB SD card, but you may wish to upgrade recording capacity with a bigger card from ourselves. However, these are commonly available from high street retailers and online outlets.
  • The unit records at a rate of approximately 1GB per hour of video footage, so a 32GB micro SD card should store up to 32hours of recorded video with audio.
  • You will need a computer with speakers attached if wishing to playback recordings with the audio on your PC or Laptop.
  • You will need a media player on the computer for playback of video / audio files. It maybe worthwhile downloading a free media player. We use VLC Media Player at Spy Equipment UK.

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