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Spy Camera Fitting Service

Do you have a problem at your business or at home where it is essential that you capture covert video evidence?

Maybe adding a self-contained spy camera solution will just not do! Our professional spy camera fitting service can provide the right solution for you.


Tough financial times mean that some people will go to extreme measures to get what they want to live the lifestyle that they choose and others are just greedy wanting something for nothing. There really is no substitute for catching someone in the act and if is not possible to do it in person, then only a covert camera system will really do.

At Spy Equipment UK we offer a wide range of spy camera solutions, many of which are designed specifically with room surveillance in mind, however, under certain circumstances it is not always possible to add something to a room without it attracting unwanted attention. If this is the case, then only the professional fitting of a spy camera system into the existing environment will do.

Fitting a bespoke camera system is not something that can be undertaken lightly. Special skills are required to ensure that the spy cameras are completely discreet, are located where they can capture relevant views of the room or rooms where they have been located and of course function as they should. Combine the credentials of a CCTV fitter, a skilled engineer, a private investigator and a professional decorator and then you will have the person with the relevant skill-set to complete the task.

More often than not the surveillance cameras will be located in one or more rooms, but the recording system will be required to be located in a remote room where there is no risk of discovery. In some circumstances there will be a pre-existing CCTV installation onto which the spy cameras can be added. Our hidden camera fitting team are used to working in a variety of room environments and situations and ‘out-of-hours’ is expected, if not encouraged. There really is no point in completing a discreet camera installation when there are too many prying eyes.

In order to get a grip on a situation there are times when more extreme measures are required. If you have a scenario that can realistically only be resolved by installing professionally fitted spy cameras to capture the evidence that you need, then why not contact us at Spy Equipment UK to discuss your specific requirements.

Why choose to have a professionally fitted covert camera solution

Over an extended period, the accumulated financial loss incurred by not intervening may amount to a substantial figure. Investing in a spy camera installation now should prevent further financial leakage putting you back in control. Short term pain equals long term gain!

Why choose Spy Equipment UK to complete your professional hidden camera installation

Our camera fitting service is conducted by specialist fitters with vast experience working in a variety of often difficult building environments. If our team cannot fit the system into your requested environment, then it simply will not be possible anyway.

Being a spy equipment retailer we have access to the very latest and greatest equipment that we can utilise on the installation. There is no point in putting up with poor quality video evidence when we could supply you with the equipment to get the best.

Want to know how we can help?

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